JaqaunJefferson (@JaqaunJefferson)

@ashmccrae @Hollywood_Nixon @lukamvp77 This clown lied and said the Lakers planned to tank LeBrons forst year in LA.
@ashmccrae @Hollywood_Nixon @lukamvp77 Yeah man he's a clown. Anybody who really creates a troll like persona onlin… https://t.co/vGAH5YI9IN
@Hollywood_Nixon @ashmccrae @lukamvp77 Nah man you're pathetic. For as inept as you claim the Spurs are you worse b… https://t.co/CJvZBWD4jI
@ashmccrae @Hollywood_Nixon @lukamvp77 Yeah this dude is a clown i had to call him out for lying a couple weels ago.
@EricSal_7 Yeah I'm a Giants fan but i feel bad for Cowboys fan with McCarthy as coach.
@jimmycfields Yup i'm just going to laugh when it happens.
I guarantee Bryn will torch our young guards this year when we play the bucks. I'm pretty sure he's torched them in… https://t.co/gDhgOH8FPx
@ashmccrae Yeah i think this dude ate his crayons in school.
@jimmycfields @spurs @ashmccrae Yeah that's why I'm done with these clowns.
@EricSal_7 Oh no i swung and missed. I hope this doesn't lead to a bunch of creeps tweeting me accussing me of being mean to you lol.
@EricSal_7 No you act like it would kil you, l i just happen to point it out.
@EricSal_7 It's not happening Danny Aige is giving up any picks for this. Y'all are just going to have to deal with… https://t.co/cNYJpVMCVT
@jimmycfields @spurs Once again Yak is ok but the true question that people who like him try to avoid and make excu… https://t.co/gvthkutzEj
@EricSal_7 Man you can't be a starting player in this league without being able to hit free throws. If he outplays… https://t.co/o7wlSDyrvO
@jimmycfields I expect that from fans but i think professional media memebers should know better. I never seen the… https://t.co/e19UwfdUwV