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Joel Montaniel (Co-Founder & CEO of @sevenrooms) shares his experience with raising a $50M Series B as #COVID hit i… https://t.co/TZvsd33aSx
@TWiStartups @Con_Keppel @genemurphy at some point I will figure out who runs this account
RT @bgurley: This document also BRAGS about a 97% conversion rate of 1-1 meetings. Let me ask you this, at what price would you have to lis…
RT @aahholm: Another step forward - housing for 30% AMI in Auburn, WA
What an amazing journey... affordable housing being installed by @blokable! So proud of the team https://t.co/DzXdMjZtQQ
the engagement I get on @LinkedIn is just amazing... 10k views for this discussion with @alex and @MorganDeBaun abo… https://t.co/Vzq2JsaNwY
@ryanvailbrown @pkafka take it easy, take it easy.... I'm a *former* journalist with a big network that whispers th… https://t.co/ZFiVHggKME
@Austen @sjroot what!?!?!?!?! you can get free training with no risk!?!?!? HOW DARE YOU AUSTEN!!!
July 14 #coronavirus update: ➡️Today: 65k cases (2nd highest day) ➡️Today: deaths up 935 (flat week over week) 📈T… https://t.co/N0cybN05CQ
@panzer @cyantist Fondant is french for "worst topping"
I liked it better when we just reported the facts as best we could understand them, from the smartest people we could find.
@rossetto @nytimes @bariweiss I liked it better when we just reported the facts as best we could understand them, f… https://t.co/vd34NuZ94U
@chr1sa @bruce_lambert There is no way a union in Berkeley would make anything other than a completely science base… https://t.co/p2XvyJgIPf
1. Never trust Zuck (media companies, App developers, founders being acquired) 2. At least @youtube shares 55% --… https://t.co/VCzsZ3UNTf
as @chamath pointed out in the latest @theallinpod, the #Overtonwindow continues to close... today @bariweisshttps://t.co/XDfJWTFPIs
have you considered only changing students if they get a job @Austen? https://t.co/B0P9hM3vGn
Note: I stand corrected, @Eater is still going... I was told it was folding into @NYMag (which is what happened to… https://t.co/cxHEbJAK0y