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@tweetsoutloud That should be considered research in your line of work.
@joanwalsh @joshtpm I do wish that Josh would clarify that his comment was snark. Because otherwise, ............
@washingtonpost He needs some good plumbers.
@joanwalsh Jared and the 400 million youthful indiscretions.
@RyanLizza WHY is this sleaze ball having "thousands" of calls when he claims to have no idea what they are about. Waste of time.
@chrislhayes Jared's team: He was making so many phone calls (thousands!) he can't remember Russian ones. Then wh…
@joanwalsh Only in America. Second place finisher declares a landslide and mandate, first place is supposed to STFU…
@jonlovett @chrislhayes Priorities, people! There are billionaire donors to be sucked up to.
@jonathanalter This will ruin the holiday weekend for the Trumpistas. Good.
@joshtpm Money makes the world go around, The world go around, The world go around, Money makes the world go around, ...
@davidfrum When you put it that way, how can I not watch?
@JoyAnnReid If you look at this for just a moment, I'll give you some ice cream. If Trumpistan was prominent, he'd be sure to look.
@davidfrum Although it was to an Academy, the proper award would be an Emmy.
@nytimes @Laurie_David Trumplomatic immunity.
@Laurie_David That's a fake Trump account. Sadly, quite believable.
@TheRickyDavila I'm old enough to remember when we said that about former RNC chair Michael Steele.
@davidfrum He should have said: If you're going to be an idiot, at least try to be a useful one.
@joshtpm @TPM [voice of Church Lady]: Some people only apologize when it's conveeeeenient.
@tomcolicchio I spotted the fake account right away. Sadly, it's all too believable.