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@chelseahandler Beauregard is a fool to think that doing Trump's dirty work on this will save his own job. There wi…
@CSolonon @chrislhayes November is too late. Trump could literally set the world on fire well before then.
@joshtpm A disgraceful performance all around. And Beauregard is a fool if he thinks this action will save his own…
@maggieNYT @yashar "I think we should have infrastructure. And such as."
@viewsfordays @ParkerMolloy Could be worse. Could be Junior and Coultergeist.
@FormerFSO @Haggerty11 @ParkerMolloy @TomiLahren Nobody deserves...awwww fuck, I can't make up my mind.
@BetteMidler I truly hope she does. And I truly hope I never see them.
@MSNBC @nytmike Or as Fox News will bullshit, "The investigation is winding down"
@MSNBC By "Top lawyer", I immediately know you're not talking about Michael Cohen.
@charliearchy It's his audition for a White House job.
@tweetsoutloud Your eventual rejection will be on the grounds "We are looking for someone more like Bobak."
@tweetsoutloud @elakdawalla That's ok. There was no actual acting in any of the Sharknado flicks.
@michaelwhitney @samstein @chrislhayes This list has a name: The Usual Suspects.
@jeffzeleny @realDonaldTrump Was AF1 actually flying, or does Trump just board to pretend he's a pilot?
@RWPUSA @CNNPolitics I prefer to call him Rexxon.
@realDonaldTrump You said you are finally getting the cabinet you want. Therefore, you initially hired people you don't want. Weak!
@WilliamShatner But by gosh, the price was right! (Only our fellow Canadians will get that).