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RT @chrissyteigen: I know he is hoping we'd forget about it but I am AMPED for the most dishonest and corrupt media awards TOMORROW AT 5PM
@grynbaum I hope they will reimburse the cost of my rental tux. I'll give them a pass on the bottle of bubbly...I'l…
@NBCNews @MSNBC Additional Executive Time. He's not going to subtract exercise time from Fox and Tweets.
RT @stealthygeek: @realDonaldTrump 🎶If you're guilty and you know it tweet some more. If you're guilty and you know it tweet some more. If…
@kurteichenwald But since Trump now claims not to have used that kind of language at all, that means they are now calling Trump a liar.
@JoyAnnReid Totally. And DJT won't be the only family member taken down.
@kylegriffin1 @Fahrenthold Ok now I'm really pissed. Because all the good shithole jokes are already taken.
@brianbeutler @JoyAnnReid Two of these people think it's appropriate to talk about which of them should get the nex…
@pkcapitol @igorbobic The Putin thing may or may not be true, but with or without that, she sure does get around.
@GeorgeTakei Pop quiz: Who is not a witch?
@carolmoson @ChrisCuomo You made a claim. I didn't. You are unwilling or unable to back it up. We're done.
@carolmoson @ChrisCuomo Shorter: "I got nuthin'". Thanks for playing.
@carolmoson @ChrisCuomo "Known for making things like this up". Since you seem to "know" this, please be more specific.
@InvisiblePinkNP @Pajjr2016 Trump to Stormy: "Call me daddy". 'Nuff said.
RT @FullFrontalSamB: You defended your boss's racist "Pocahontas" comment.
@TheRickyDavila Well yes, but the nit-wit designers of this system need to face some repercussions too.
@piersmorgan @realDonaldTrump @GMB Is that the same Ivana Trump who accused Donald of rape in a deposition, then la…
@brianstelter Doing his best Fred Armisen impression.
@JuddLegum Well at least he's not a witch.