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@brianstelter @KellyannePolls @ReliableSources Why bother with her, when Scaramucci is an Honors graduate of the KA…
@JoeNBC Many are past criminals, such as #CrookedJared up to his ears in money laundering.
@GeorgeTakei [in voice of George Takei]: Oh, my!
@PreetBharara This revolution will most certainly be televised.
@jonfavs So what you're saying is "so unfair to me". 😂
@EricHolder @joanwalsh A constitutional crisis looms because golf. Well OK, not *just* golf. But golf.
@TheBigFoxx @samstein @ditzkoff This is truly the way that pathetic criminal thinks.
@joshtpm But did they ask you to volunteer to work unpaid for His Trumpiness in exchange?
@elainaplott The correct response is: [Guffaws of laughter]
@albamonica @Fahrenthold Did he have to cross a tarmac to get to that point?
@JoyAnnReid In the early days of White House leaks, these were the people who were always gathered in the Oval when…
@MSNBC Can there be a more clear definition of "Un-American"?
@DavidNakamura More Pinochios attended his inauguration than people.
@KeithOlbermann Night pay costs extra. She is required to be asleep during sunshine hours.
@MSNBC To be fair, he is offensive.
@NBCNews @MSNBC Because health care, probably.
@KeithOlbermann @KellyannePolls You do like icing on cakes, don't you?
@joshtpm @TPM There are lawyers who haven't been born yet, who will get rich off the Trump crime family.