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@JoyAnnReid But, but, but, Trump had parades!
@Toure I'm not entertained by Hannity in any way, shape, or form.
@igorbobic Why in the world would the Senate want to go back to Beauregard (don't answer that).
@brianstelter @TheFive "These aren't the sexual assault victims you're looking for."
@GoAngelo @HalSparks @seanhannity In a normal, not totally fucked up world, one would not brag about having "deplorable friends".
RT @benjaminwittes: Here’s an easy thing each and every one of you can do to stand up for the truth. Retweet @GenMhayden’s tweet below. Flo…
@TheRickyDavila They went coast to coast live in all time zones for that reason. But TiVo, of course.
@JoeNBC Without yet seeing what in particular you are referring to, yes indeed. Wow. Now I'll go read up on what led to that.
@hardwick @nbcsnl @TiffanyHaddish @midnight I believe that I speak for many...we miss @midnight. Oh, well. At least Chris is not unemployed.
@chrisgeidner @jonfavs @johnrobertsFox That's J.D. Roberts, former veejay, a job for which he was qualified.
@chrislhayes Wait a minute, aren't those Jared's jobs? Oh right, he's going to be checking into a government hotel soon .
@chrislhayes Ummmmmm, there, there now? p.s. I didn't go to an Ivy League school.
RT @tedlieu: I sit on the House Judiciary Committee and Lyin' Jeff Sessions will testify under oath this Tuesday morning. Retweet if you th…
@MSNBC Here's the conflict: Mueller is getting way too close to the truth. We can't have that now, can we?
@CillizzaCNN @brianstelter Name one. Name one fucking document you've actually *read*.
@TheRickyDavila I agree 100%, and I haven't even read yet what he did this time.
@maggieNYT @brianstelter The real-time retweeting of every talking point pushed by Fox & Friends is pure coincidenc…
@GenMhayden @davidfrum Who are you going to believe? The Generals, or the KGB agent?