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@shawnpuwo for every species that dies out, home many more are born? we discover new species every year
@shawnpuwo we cant expect to save every species on the planet, it's evolution, plants/animals die out, its natural
@dcexaminer but isn't he just a fucking cis white male? why are they waving to him?
@shawnpuwo well, I guess we will have to see if by 2020 UK will be in an ice age, I will concede you were correct ;)
@shawnpuwo we're talking about 1.5 degree F change in 100 years, not particularly significant
@ceelle1 @awade3 @JOBoomr word from who? your secret source in the CIA?
@shawnpuwo comparing to the age of the earth its like not even a drop in the bucket though
@stoptrumpputin @ThePatriot143 @CNN Trump had bigger crowds than Clinton and GW Bush, but smaller than Obama, still by no means small
RT @ThePatriot143: Love when @CNN debunks itself. Check out their gigapixel images here=> #SpicerFacts #TrumpsRig
RT @JoshNoneYaBiz: Hey leftist barbarians, warn your friends. Your crap aint flying anymore under President Trump. #SpicerFacts https://t.c
@thumbghost @JudicialWatch the whole world probably has the info that was on HRC's unsecured, private server
@thumbghost @JudicialWatch what? no big deal that some1 w/ no sec clearance had access to classified documents? seriously?
@Jpat1952 Less and less people are watching CNN, and having the platform or the presidency to refute their claims is powerful
@8ou5tg6QAST7mI0 @MikeHeadIyy nothing wrong with being a Zionist, Jerusalem is the land of the Jews, Palestinians BTFO
@8ou5tg6QAST7mI0 @MikeHeadIyy I have lots of family members in Israel right now who are very pro Trump and hate communism/Marxism
@8ou5tg6QAST7mI0 @MikeHeadIyy Well, I'm a Jew and I voted for Trump, and so did my whole family... we're sure as fuck ain't Marxists
@Jpat1952 Doesn't matter, he refuted their claims, I think more and more people will come to realize their blatant bias