JessCameron22 (@JessCameron22)

Thank you @NBCManifest for another incredible episode! You always know how to keep us on the edge of our seats and…
My heart 😭😭 #Manifest what are you doing to me?! @NBCManifest
Cal is such an important person. #Manifest
@Ashl3yFaith @NBCManifest Definitely true!! I think Cal has everything to do with everything! He’s definitely a very important part!
RT @NBCManifest: "Love is never something to feel guilty about. It's a blessing." #Manifest
@LolaxPizza @NBCManifest Or doesn’t really understand it!
@StephCameron15 @NBCManifest Hell ya!! I’m always on the edge of my seat every episode!
@Ashl3yFaith @NBCManifest OH!! I never even thought of that!!
What all does Cal know?? Does he know more than everyone else?? #Manifest @NBCManifest
Wait? Does Cal hear the voices too?? #Manifest @NBCManifest
Breaks my heart seeing them go through what they had to when 828 first disappeared. But, I’m so happy they are show…