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@BBlock19 @Cubs @whitesox I am from the suburbs of Chicago. I grew up liking both teams, even when I had to watch t… https://t.co/jNGWmLnkkW
@BBlock19 @Cubs @whitesox Hey, I want the Sox to get Machado!
I can imagine @Cubs swooping in and grabbing Machado. I cannot imagine the soul-crushing wail from @whitesox fans. https://t.co/QxMU4KujSd
RT @stanveuger: “That all of these claims on government are readily accepted reflects the fact that a government cannot become insolvent wi…
@Mauerback Well, you are not going to like my @TheWeek column any better. Maybe this fine podcast with @stanveugerhttps://t.co/eqGs4CD2KS
Sounds very Kudlow-esque as well: Mr Market sees all, knows all. https://t.co/H4jdGnwrmE
Why would US lift China tariffs? POTUS wants a deal to boost stocks/economy, provided he can sell it as somehow fix… https://t.co/inuQxLpFCS
RT @jyarow: Market on fire after WSJ reports US might lift China tariffs. https://t.co/LtiklC1UHY
Note that headwinds are both self inflicted | "The economy is being buffeted by some unfavorable gales lately, incl… https://t.co/TwagW3qwsX
My latest: Worried about climate change? A ‘Green New Deal’ isn’t the only option https://t.co/GRqlHJoM9W
"Modern monetary theory is seductive in its promises and, occasionally, in its observations. But if enacted it coul… https://t.co/1eZyWZQPGg
What a beautiful chyron on @SquawkAlley right now: “Netflix and the FAANG Rebound” 🦅 🇺🇸
So only 11% of adult Americans? Explains why so few of us are left active, healthy, and without personality disorde… https://t.co/CdrbpY2Veu
Curious about Modern Monetary Theory? Well I am podcasting TODAY with @AEI economist @stanveuger about his new rese… https://t.co/lXJzthP2mn