JoeKnowsYT (@JoeKnowsYT)

RT @_JasonLT: Amazing performance from AD physically dominating Miami. Amazing performance from LeBron controlling the pace and flow of th…
KCP went from air balling lay ups and being crucified on the timeline to being a major contributor to a championshi…
This series is not over. DO NOT count this Heat team out. They are a good team that will not go away. Foot on the g…
All I heard was how good the Miami defense was. Give the Lakers defense some respect now please. Been the best defensive team all playoffs
The way ya'll were tweeting after that first 6 minutes I thought the Heat won the NBA title. Damn
Up 17 after that start. Shiiii, we'll take that all day. FINISH THIS GAME!!!!
Play like crap and lead by 3. LETS TURN UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
As expected Lakers playing slow, weak and lazy in game 1. Done it all throughout these playoffs. WAKE TF UP
Anyone really good at getting XP in mycareer? Like 100K a game?