JohnLegere (@JohnLegere)

Happy #EarthDay! Big thanks to everyone who joined us in tweeting #TreeMobile. There were 27,011 #TreeMobile tweets…
Not enough #magenta superheroes, in my opinion 😏
Perfect for all those times you’re running 🏃‍♂️short on time.
Thinking about testing out a new look 🤔. I know @braxtoncarter would approve. Thanks again for the boots Dallas.…
So cool! The maiden voyage would have been perfect if it took off tomorrow on #EarthDay ⚓️
@Jeroen_Dhoedt @TMobileUS Some people say I am a CEO who loves running and I tell them I am a runner who happens to be a CEO :)
@Metal_Mikie @TMobile If I can help in any way, email me
@kdub1103 @TMobile @TMobileHelp I can help. Email me
@nickyosick @strangebelle @TMobile @TMobileHelp Love it and the magenta Yoshi, Nick. 👍🏼
@strangebelle Come to @TMobile! Email me and I’ll get you taken care of
Room service, a view and the ultimate gamer suite? This is dangerous! 👾
17 years later and “meow” we’re here. #SuperTroopers2
@Dejan_Jancevski @TMobile Email me