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RT @TracksideJay: Five jobs I've had 18 I worked nights in the Castle. Then I stopped pulling pints and started pushing myself. I left…
I can't think of a caption but there's something about this facial expression that really reminds me of Julie Walte…
@AnastasiaZaw Oh the ending will definitely tell us we should stop hoping for a brighter future, yeah. It's the lesson we need in 2019
@CCriadoPerez I don't think there's been anything quite as horrifying as the Red Wedding since. Although next week's should be a doozy
@CCriadoPerez Not if you weren't enjoying it, life is short
@captainward but enough about the Tory leadership race
@owlsanctuarist One group that definitely doesn't get to mock Durham graduates is Cambridge undergraduates.
@cjayanetti @OzKaterji He's still involved, yeah. They're not totally ignoring his outline.
@itsjamestapper Because Jaime has to kill Cersei.
@OzKaterji Because Jaime has to kill Cersei.
@benpobjie Yeah she's going to try to kill him I reckon.
@MarkDee85 Definitely agree on point (2). He's the kingslayer. Of course he has to kill his sister.
@Turigon You did indeed miss that. On TV, at least.
@benpobjie Well, quite. All "rightful heir" means is "Jon is now a massive problem for the person who really wants the throne."
@Dorianlynskey Yeah, that's kind of what I mean. There is no way that GRRM would let that convention play out witho…
@RossMcCaff I don't think that's true, they're sticking broadly to his outline even if the details are different.
She can't become queen either for the same reason, mind. My money's still on Sansa.
It's there to mess up his relationship with / cause problems for Dany, it's not there because he's going to get eve…
It recently struck me, in a "Why the hell didn't I realise years ago" kind of a way, that - in a story which repeat…
RT @CityMetric: To fix the north south divide, we need to talk about human capital
RT @CityMetric: To fix the north south divide, we need to talk about human capital