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Well in this case a dating app
It’s not a social media company if early employees aren’t suing
RT @LaurieSegallCNN: Early Tinder employees are suing IAC, seeking at least $2 billion in damages. I spoke to cofounder Sean Rad on camera.…
RT @web: A lot of tech media laughed at @kobebryant for pursuing a career in venture capital but he is now a sizable owner and Chairman of…
RT @Cali_StyleJas: Y’all be begging for opportunities, finally get 1, and then spend the whole time complaining about the opportunity you g…
What’s up with the housing thing at certain HBCUs?
RT @RikkiKlausWSB: .@CAU students say they’re being denied housing they thought was guaranteed. They filled the halls of the student center…
@DanielleAnnise Lmao fasho, it’s bout time we got you off the market
@DanielleAnnise Let me know when you’re trying to become the 18’ Bonnie and Clyde
@DanielleAnnise Lmao dammit, you know I love seeing you stunt when you’re out, you were focused
@DanielleAnnise Looked like a great concert from your story, I’m just waiting for the pics of you and/or ya fit to hit my iMessage
@DanielleAnnise Sounds like you enjoyed yourself then
Your MCM/WCW said fruits and vegetables are gross...they 26
@Cali_StyleJas lmao OD af, people really try to make it seem like romantic relationships mean nothing at all
@tiffani lmao breaking out everywhere
How someone chooses to diet/exercise might have to be something you think about when dating someone
@Cali_StyleJas Lmfao people are off their rockers, a hobby at best? The hell
@tiffani lmfao oh no not the ash
Baby girl in her 20s not drinking water but will gladly just drink hennessy and patron and eat chicken wings and wo…