JoshuaOgundu (@JoshuaOgundu)

Overheard at USC: “I set up my class schedule like this so I could party on Thursdays”
RT @thatsDaniforyou: New Raheem & Amerie have me feeling like it’s 2007, but it’s fine.
@shalycee I ain’t do nothing
Why do all the artists decide to drop on Thursday night?
Raheem Davaughn and Amerie dropped albums? Suddenly I’m a teen again
@MPfoehunnitt Word, I got too many sons out here
I would definitely encourage people to get comfortable being alone I feel like it’s made my relationships with other people better
And it also gave me space to figure out what I like to do without the pressure of trying to appease other people
Being comfortable doing things alone and spending time alone has made it super easy for me to not to cling to people that disrupt my peace
@mobbyscorsese Sent it to your phone lol
More often than not, I catch myself scrolling on Instagram or Facebook and wanting to comment on people’s pics like…
@mobbyscorsese Lol you’re right, have you heard this country song called Tequila?
@mobbyscorsese I support this tweet
Jasmine lost her grandmother to breast cancer and created an intimates store specifically for women who have had ma…
Y’all should check this out! Super dope store coming to the DMV.
Need to figure out my Friendsgiving move here in L.A
@JamoneK Ah! I do think perception plays a big part in it. Like you’re viewed as a professional who should be capable of x
@Premium_Dell That’s also true
@JamoneK Exactly man, I feel like folks should be afforded flexibility in that way as well.