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Lots of smaller ones is better than one big one
That’s good the bay is getting these little earthquakes
@askaboutvalerie Lmao I can agree with that 😂😂
@askaboutvalerie But like the peach though?
@askaboutvalerie 😂😂 what about now?
Bird & Lime with the same valuation
RT @jess: Ten years ago I was 24 and living in a house with a handful of roommates (we converted the living room and garage into bedrooms f…
@kristy_op 😭😭😭
Can this shutdown end already so we can get these workers paid??
@naeashlan lol it’s easy for you
The construction industry is so under digitized spaces, lots of valuable companies will be coming out of there in the coming years
RT @VtheEsquire: Millionaire football players won’t even risk their jobs to make a statement. Don’t ask this of every day workers. Jobs…
RT @VtheEsquire: I don’t care who you are or what you do, the job search process WILL humble you. Leave those people alone.
If this is how it is to live in Seattle I was right to assume I would never like living there #rainydaysinla
@BarneySantos That’s facts man, you heard right