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“This is an awesome read of a family finding love together after going through rough times!” #tw4rw
5 stars - WHERE DREAMS ARE BORN “Once I started reading – could not put it down until I finished.” #RomanticSuspense
WHERE DREAMS ARE BORN “As with all of the books I've read by this author, this was a truly enjoyable read.” #KU
#KU “This is an extreme feel-good story, with just the right amount of drama and suspense to make it a page-turner.”
And yet if they weren’t a family, what were they? And why the sudden rush of feelings whenever... #IARTG #BookBoost
Was her traumatized brain trying to tell her something? More importantly, was it something she even wanted to know?
Had she met with foul play? Or was the thought of marrying him so repulsive she’d simply cut & run? #KU #IARTG #BYNR
WHERE DREAMS ARE BORN How about a “story” along with your #Romance? #womensfiction #KindleUnlimited #IARTG #TW4RW
Rain thrummed against the windowpane, its intensity rivaled only by the pounding in Jack’s chest. #womensfiction #KU
“The opening to this novel is one of the best I've read in this genre, totally hooked me in-fab!” #KU #IARTG #BYNR
Experience had taught her that happy-ever-after was often a myth dreamed up by #romance writers. #NewRelease
“She was his 1st love, honey. And you never forget your 1st love. But you already know that, don’t you?” #NewRelease
RT @DebraBurroughs: *•★.•*The Perfect Read•.★•.* "Amazing, mysterious, romantic!" THE LAKE HOUSE SECRET #cr4u #mgta
RT @author_jeff: RT ★★★★★ review excerpt "There are some Books you don't want to miss, this is one of them!!!" A NOVEL OBSESSION https://…
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RT @biggspirit: Met someone who read Cherokee Ice yesterday. She said, "Kiss me. I need a vision."
Before Love Had a Name Meet the family in Bk 1, then go on to Bk 2 & 3. #WomensFiction #SecondChances #LoveTriangle
RT @mollyshea_shea: Three middle-age lady florist become bounty hunters to save their struggling flower shop. #savingthehenhouse #henhousel