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RT @GuyVerhoftwat: More proof that Jean-Claude is irresistible to women. It's like #metoo never happened when he is around. Feminists crumb…
How many times did they say this was safe???? https://t.co/oDnCYlEnz9
This is pointless twaddle We are still in 'a' Customs Union and under the common rule book and you still don't unde… https://t.co/bBlasToKrS
@patel4witham @Ciolfilicious1 That means keeping us in 'a' Customs Union and keeping the common rule book. You can'… https://t.co/1UZSQpLqQ1
@NickBoles @DrHannahWhite Anything but respect 17.4m people eh? That's what's got you into this mess to begin with.
RT @2br: #Fracking has been halted again at the @CuadrillaUK site on #Preston New Road, after a tremor of 0.9 at 2pm today. The company say…
RT @MoggMentum: #Brexit Petition: Leave the #EU without a deal in March 2019. Please sign & retweet. #StandUp4Brexit https://t.co/1k34YpoW
RT @paulrey99: A reminder. The WA & NI Backstop leaves UK as a permanently partitioned and vassal state, in a worse trade position than WTO…
RT @JeremyCliffe: I just asked Merkel how she would react to a Remain victory in a second referendum. She replied with a wry smile and the…
@steve_hawkes He should do this in the House, then resign. We don't want extremists on the front bench.
Yes, it is time people accepted the fact that we haven't changed our minds. If anything, it's hardened our opinions… https://t.co/YZr6gpZccv
He obviously didn't realise what he was voting for https://t.co/f84EI4Drrn
RT @theruralwriter: Well done Titchmarsh - somebody needed to say it. https://t.co/oENOF6X87D
Someone needs to help Henry out https://t.co/k6j2llLQpY
@johnrickson64 @VanessaAtalanta @BrexitStewart I'm hoping for more resignations and that she ends up struggling lik… https://t.co/0dPZziq9RJ
@theresa_may @SkyNews If you need any more clarification that she is working in the interests of the EU, not the United Kingdom Disgraceful
I have such coins I want one 😍😍 https://t.co/nkQpwkWpQB