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God this is awful She's like a psychotherapist who thinks they know exactly how to "cure" you, without ever asking… https://t.co/VOnCqgwZor
Not sure they'll be able to accomplish this before we leave the EU and frankly I think they may need to wait until… https://t.co/nSMEf06kOa
It won't solve the Irish problem. There's nothing quite like an unextendable deadline to focus the mind and will. https://t.co/s3acWqtc3r
Confirmed The planes will fly in the event of no-deal As per the EU Commission Government warns UK travellers face… https://t.co/ZIthr5bPla
@gerardjasper Better to tie her hands with legislation then. Hopefully @SteveBakerHW amendments will pass. There is… https://t.co/jsT3LxTIdf
You can get chips with it as well Cultural appropriation on a massive scale https://t.co/Dujt3kVgxz
@SupportOurLefty @Juancker_EU You're a sly fox 😁😁
@Juancker_EU Tom blocked me ages ago. I rely on Our Friend @SupportOurLefty for updates 😀
@Juancker_EU It's his punishment for voting leave
Some are saying this won't be passed, but they are forgetting the cross border trade bill was passed with a similar… https://t.co/H22C8tNmkU
@toadmeister How would she prove she is committed to taking us out? The majority of the public do not trust her. Th… https://t.co/C9jUs414zD
@willrb5 @SupportOurLefty @Gemma_louise84 I was really looking forward to Peter Cupaldi being the Dr. I only lasted… https://t.co/kzgMaYvlVd
This would be extremely illuminating. I wonder if anyone will ask and if the answer will be shared on here? https://t.co/NEVda7O9ye
Oh sh*t 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Kind of proves the point though, no one who voted remain really cared about the EU upto 3 years ago https://t.co/HdCQiN7nhF
Oh God!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 We did what democracy asked us, WE VOTED. The largest turnout ever. Waving banners outside The Ritz… https://t.co/ykEvFO3jxo