JumpShiveSlim13 (@JumpShiveSlim13)

You should’ve stopped at big titties. You would’ve reached more people. Smh https://t.co/wuKKe6F7eR
@MrKWiltz My bad. I’m sorry I don’t find rape and abusive jokes funny. Where tf is my humor?! 🤦🏽‍♂️ Aight bruh. Lol
Twitter ain’t no different than it was before. It’s just more idiots on here now. https://t.co/XZr2H2Z72b
RT @hialexis_: They don’t want us to know they’re actually morons in real life, but it’s too apparent :( https://t.co/0jFPlotLBg
Aight. Let me chill before someone triggered by my tweets tell me I’m the one in my feelings this morning. You know how twitter go. Lol
I get a lot of y’all are use to being in relationships where you S/O is lacking. That don’t mean you start lacking… https://t.co/ybcWZqgFHn
RT @the_mavs_fan: They don’t hear you bro lol https://t.co/8dk9yBCcQh
Dave Chappelle NEVER made niggaz laugh?! Since when?! This is top tier hating and I fucks with Faizon Love. Smh lol https://t.co/8LSkEEwWY0
Like new episodes or are y’all just putting back on there? Cause it was ok there before. https://t.co/Rn9SIIuupL
Only on twitter do you get ridiculed for not pretending to be someone you aren’t. You aren’t a part of the “cool cl… https://t.co/Wj1SRVQPxA
Getting on social media, saying some dumb shit and then saying “it’s just Twitter” is like saying something stupid… https://t.co/teDleYBrNx
@RaiiMichelle That’s what I thought. Apparently black people cant make them properly because we’re simply black.