JustPlainCamm (@JustPlainCamm)

@Vocal_Intellect @_Cordelra_ I invented this move.
I wish I saw what y’all saw in #Ozark because 😴
@_Cordelra_ @Vocal_Intellect 📝
@PoetComplexity It started happening outta nowhere for me. I’m about to fight myself 😂
@nicryen I might need to come out with an actual beard routine.
For you bearded folks, do y’all a lot of shedding ?
remember that thread of “let me hear your voice” when voicenotes first started and y’all were deepening y’all voice… https://t.co/h7xXiTHNAQ
I block most people right before we have sex, so neither. https://t.co/iP2i9Gr44c
Michael & Moe are the first team to go home first twice. Is this a first in #AmazingRace history?
the story belt seems a lot easier than the flag choreography to me. #AmazingRace
I know it’s a race, but I’m proud of Sheri. She isn’t stopping and is pushing herself. #AmazingRace
the view on this leg of the race is amazing. i would want to stand at the top and take it all in, but you can’t. #AmazingRace
With so many teams not in the race anymore and the race starting over, everyone is back on the same playing field. #AmazingRace
A lot of teams couldn’t make it back 😪 #AmazingRace
@GumbeauxStJames You got this! ♥️✨
RT @omgiigii: ppl complain about their TL too much for there to be very useful filtering unfollowing muting + blocking options. are you u…
I’ve watched this YouTube channel where people choose a date based on an outfit. It’s so interesting to see what… https://t.co/8pUFsANDik
@_BlowMyJoe disagree over there.