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RT @SportsCenter: Luke Walton's face said it all 😑 #SCNotTop10 https://t.co/dmSzf96wxW
RT @SportsCenter: Final head-to-head win count: @KingJames - 16 @DwyaneWade - 15 https://t.co/95NPSQDsEy
RT @SportsCenter: Two Legends. @DwyaneWade and @KingJames didn't disappoint in their last matchup. #OneLastDance https://t.co/LVWv2ZvO8y
RT @SportsCenter: LeBron told D-Wade they would have their last game "either [at Staples Center] or the Garden." https://t.co/ndBnSBtkvX
RT @ESPNNBA: The Heat were down 2 with LeBron at the line, and D-Wade politely asked Bron to miss 😂 https://t.co/SRjDtGeyFV
RT @SportsCenter: "We brought the best out of each other. ... The friendship that we have, you guys know, that’s beyond basketball.” @Dwya
RT @espn: Dodgeball 👑 https://t.co/VTrjG1gVo4
RT @espn: #OneLastDance ends in a Lakers win. https://t.co/7h8K0XcPuC
RT @SportsCenter: The game ended with Wade vs. LeBron with the game on the line ... because of course it did. https://t.co/Bq9f6Z9Bu9
RT @espn: LeBron James. Dwyane Wade. Two jerseys that'll be hanging in the rafters. https://t.co/iISwpt56m9
RT @espn: “One of the greatest players to ever play this game ... We gon’ miss Flash, man.” —@KingJames with @DwyaneWade by his side 👑⚡️ h…
RT @SportsCenter: "Thanks for pushing me to be greater than I knew I was." – Dwyane Wade to LeBron James. https://t.co/xOfn4DYOOP
RT @espn: Before his last game vs. LeBron, D-Wade recalled when he faced @kobebryant for the final time. https://t.co/p8SlTMSnhQ
RT @espn: The @Simone_Biles we saw in 2016 was great. But the Simone Biles of 2018? Unprecedented. Here's why she's ESPN the Magazine's m…
RT @Lakers: Not in our house. #LakeShow make it five straight Ws at home. @kylekuzma: 33 pts, 7 reb @KingJames: 28 pts, 12 ast, 9 reb http…
RT @Lakers: Nothing but love and respect #OneLastDance https://t.co/v4CQqOcMIG