KaylarWill (@KaylarWill)


@RiahThaRARE YES daytime and the new nighttime ones!
@evannity He literally was sleeping 8:30 to 7. For almost two months straight. Now this. I’m sickkkkk.
@CruzanChoklate You’re right, I had to think like I would not want my photo taken.
Chase woke up every two hours last night, I went & bought every teething soother tablet, oil, gel. Praying for a better night 😩
@moeshamitchel Hydration or matte teas?
@brelenciaga Nizoral, use a heavy cream w it it’s super drying
“Nah-ok-well-shit, fuck it” https://t.co/XOavJCswC9
@iamSG3 Bigger & better things sis
@ms_octoburrr Go to hell. Text me 😂
@iamSG3 Oh the baby benz 💕 she been gone
@iamSG3 What other benz?
@ms_octoburrr Diamond I’m deadass. I’m bored lmao.
@ms_octoburrr You ain’t never text me!
I’m sorry these Popeyes tweets have me screaming 😭
RT @KillAlllRobots: Nigga took the sandwich out someone hands https://t.co/HnSpq17CoY
Everybody pregnant. Pit bull outside she pregnant too.