KaylarWill (@KaylarWill)

Another way of setting a goal is using an old pair of pants or dress you can’t fit and working towards that.
So instead of saying “I want to lose 10 pounds” say “I want to lose 3 inches off my waist”
People guess my weight & always think 130s. I’m 151!
It’s always better (in my opinion) to go off measurements vs weight when you have a goal. You can get to your goal… https://t.co/dRUKdrmIBK
RT @EboneeDavis: Is it just me, or are we all being asked to step into a higher version of ourselves at the moment?
I sleep well at night knowing I do good by people & my heart is always in the right place.
@_ameerin 😭
@TeairaMariee Girl like where that come from lmfao. Apple said we know you still in there.
@thekillahBEE Awe damn my good sis hit you with the blizzyyyyyy.
Y’all always want my playlists! But ok here lol https://t.co/3csUj6Tcom https://t.co/BCqxGvS82Z
My Apple fave playlist is nothing but R&B and old school music. The feeeeels.
Marsha Ambrosius does what she needs to do on every song but especially Late Nights & Early Mornings.
@MsAshleyDevonna I......would try it.
@itsjaydababy I don’t see any durags? I need one for my son 😂
Ran to the grocery store real quick & realized I forgot my ID for the wine https://t.co/gNOAYYjesj
I wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate Alicia Keys - Unthinkable.