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Here’s a sweet teaser to @GolfPichaya ‘s new track “Murderer”. Congratulations man!!
#ฆ่าฉันดีกว่า Murderer @golfpichaya feat.@khanthaitay 4 years since his last track..Now he is back with a new song…
#NewProfilePic and check out “Lucky Charm” music video. = ]
“Lucky Charm” MV is out! For the rest of the MV check out the link in my bio. Hope you guys like it! = ]
“Lucky Charm” MV is out! hope you guys like it!
@peter_jeha “Easily”! Alrighty this is my last one! Goodnight guys!
@danjisoo Mars들어봐요 누나 ㅋㅋ
@chartikaaasvs Comedy please~
@MeMeiJei For some reason I just thought of that song “Stacey’s Mom” hahahah