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@AdamUnwin All I need now is to change my name to Horatio for the DVD title and we're in business!
@TheRealMcCourt Hah! We'll keep it on the quiet then, not post about it on a social media forum or owt.
@AdamUnwin Well bang goes my time saving idea of the digital voyeur via live feed then. 😳
@TheRealMcCourt Probably not, I shall act as though it were though. Mark of a pro that. A mark stained with fake b…
@AdamUnwin Doable, wait a second, you're gonna let me include the voyeurs as participants aren't you?
@AdamUnwin There's a lot of people there though, it may take some time. 🙄
"(Actor) will need to be ok working with make-up/fake blood etc" Yeah, no way in Hull I'm not gonna apply for that…
RT @leicestermuseum: #belgravehall Open Gardens every Wednesday. Come and see what’s in bloom in our historic gardens. #belgrave #leicester
@TheRealMcCourt @donaldfilms @ThePeteBanks @loisjcowley Dear Lord I've got a craggy mug, great for shadows though!
RT @TheRealMcCourt: Busy night: Two of my #shortfilms #VandellaDay and #Arrivals:Prologue have just been selected by @MarstonsBrewery via @
Happy #StGeorge's Day! Happy Birthday William #Shakespeare! And, most importantly of all, #HappyBirthday Nana Attwo…
Another bonkers (and rather warm!) night had on the old #improv with @TomYoungComedy @genkijen and co, love these f…
RT @TheSameFaces: A big thank you to @milocomedy for being such a great monologist at Monday's #UncleArmando. We'll be back at @UpstairsWe
Blazing #sunshine all day, still really warm out and I finally dragged my ass back to the #gym. Never say never people!
#LoveSimon, absolutely lovely, well worth a watch.
Massive thanks to all who came to catch @TheSameFaces and their awesome 'Uncle Armando', Troy Hawke (aka…