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@matt_actor Congrats, wishing you an awesome shoot!
Calling all Midlands @EquityUK members! The #Midlands AGM is happening Saturday 24th Feb @crescenttheatre. #actor
Tremendous week so far with @BSOwriters @stunlive working on #SameSameDifference - a new verbatim play exploring ad…
RT @naomisumner: So happy to hear the script for #SAMESAMEDIFFERENT read OUT LOUD today. First day of R&D at the ever welcoming @z_mcr
@houmimiura @BSOwriters @Dare2Dreamm It's nearly the weekend, I say go for it!!! Sad side note though, no emoji for tape. 🙁
@BSOwriters @houmimiura @Dare2Dreamm You can never have enough tape, it's like chocolate for stagey folk! 🤔
RT @BSOwriters: Busy and productive first day of R&D for #SAMESAMEDIFFERENT @z_mcr. So busy Naomi forgot to take any photos!
@TheRealMcCourt @donaldfilms @ThePeteBanks Massive thanks for getting me involved, absolute pleasure working with you guys! #film #indiefilm
RT @TheRealMcCourt: Huge thanks to @donaldfilms @ThePeteBanks @KieronAttwood & the non-Twitter cast & crew for all their hard work on this…
Wonderful 1st day of #rehearsals, love the discussions & exploration that the R&D phase of a project inspires. #actor #actorslife #theatre
From a day in a hotbox to a rather moist Manchester, day if two halves indeed! #actorslife #onset #travel
After a top day on set it's #Manchester ho, for a week of R&D for a new play, very happy #actor! #actorslife #theatre #stage #rehearsal
Bloody brilliant day filming #VandellaDay with @TheRealMcCourt, a top team and oodles of an #actor's favourite thin…
@NeverEnoughShoe @TheRealMcCourt Aw prairie shit, that should have read "Same here!" My Freudian slip was showing #goof
Gearing up for 2moro's shoot with @TheRealMcCourt, epic tensions and emotions at play in this tight #shortfilm #script! 🎥 #actor #actorslife
@TheRealMcCourt @watchdust @MbiliMunthali The right kind of weirder I assure you, none of that unsavory weird. 🤓
@TheRealMcCourt @watchdust @MbiliMunthali Look forward to it, perchance a karate break in the episode's dialogue? #twobirdsonestone #notporn
@TheRealMcCourt @watchdust Popped up on @facebook so checked out their channel, some stunning work on there!