KilclooneyJohn (@KilclooneyJohn)

@Andrew_Adonis So BREXIT is not over!
@libidoswitch Not good at Indian names - apologies
Irish PM Veradkar tells UK BREXIT Agreement cannot be changed!!
@IntegratedInter With your 8 followers it would be a waste of time!
What has been alarming during the BREXIT Debate is how gullible the spokesmen for the Business and UFU have been. A…
@zaibotzu @LeftLost_Pltcs @Think32_ There is no Shankill Road in Galway. Surprised you think there is no difference…
@eastantrimmp Very surprised that Mitchell will vote against EU Deal. That decision confirms that the Deal will be…
@DympnaRowntree @talkingapple1 Manager of large Newry Shopping Centre said so in press interview!
@unitedireland7 @talkingapple1 Manager of one of Newry's main Shopping Centres confirmed this to the Belfast Telegr…
@unitedireland7 @talkingapple1 30 per cent of cars in Newry Shopping Centres Carparks are from Co Louth according t…
@gunning_ruth Does not impress one about British American Tobacco but I guess they employ a wide variety of people.
@gunning_ruth I note your inability to explain yourself. Not very impressive !
@dup_online @AlexKane221b @uuponline An increasing number are saying "no deal" as that is also BREXIT!
@talkingapple1 Cannot get into the Newry store as it is packed with Dundalk people
@bob_owe Pleased you at least acknowledge that! Dublin is a great Georgian City
@ollys850 It still has to be paid for!