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@Largeplum @SandyRow3 @porksathome It is not necessary if you know how to use PR - just vote for all the candidates 1 2 3 4 etc .
@RedMistIreland On the basis of a 70 per cent boycott of the election??
@NigelFinlay5 Do not mix religion with politics - it is sectarian!
Latest public opinion poll in EU suggests that around one third of the MEPs ( there will be none from the UK) will…
@ramthelinefeed @moneillsf Murder is murder and all murder is wrong. Time you accepted that!
@ramthelinefeed @moneillsf Murder is wrong. Shocked that you approve it.
@moneillsf You support illegal organisations which have murdered. Time you apologised for your past support.
@MarkTIRL @keith56659371 Let us ask the people of Donegal as I find they are fed up being ignored by Dublin!!
There should be no debate about whether or not there will be a Border Poll in Northern Ireland. Unionists agreed in…
@MarkTIRL @keith56659371 No but would welcome Donegal coming to its natural home in Northern Ireland.
@prodlegacy @Justice_forum For the same reason as the RoI is helping to finance the A5 Road Scheme in the UK. The D…