KingsyAVFC (@KingsyAVFC)

@HadleyBroom @MysticMO1O I’d personally go with the world class Richard Kingston in goal
@HadleyBroom @MysticMO1O All you’d need is Lee Cattermole to sweep things up and protect the back 4 then you’re sorted
@HadleyBroom @MysticMO1O Admit you’d love the midfield General Davis in midfield at Arsenal
@HadleyBroom @MysticMO1O Which makes Cazorla shitter than David Davis 😂
@HadleyBroom @MysticMO1O Cazorla was just a shit Jack Grealish
@RZCHZRD I swear you create more twitter accounts than Blues create chances in second city Derby’s 😂
New York McDonalds serve McFlurry’s in the standard drinks cups.... Absolutely barbaric
Should she fuck. Left with hate in her heart. Only returning to fleece the country of everything it has. There will…
Rate Scott Minto. Speaks a lot of sense. Villa not good enough at the moment for top 6.
Roses are red Something rhyming with 7 You’ll never repeat 2011
@shaned1874 Fight Whyte then, a fight the fans at least want to see just to shut Whyte up 😂
AJ is becoming a fraud. Ducking every challenge. When it gets down to business Wilder and Fury are the only two to…
I have it on good authority that the pathetic Shelley Ozzy or whatever the fuck her name is alluded that she wants…
@LUMD0G Explain the top left ?
@cameron_av You still here?
@cameron_av Well done on putting a tweet together without an expletive. Didn’t ask you to reply to my tweet yet you…
@cameron_av Does your mother know you say naughty words of twitter? Or do you have Tourette’s?
Yep. A comment made a few weeks back- couldn’t be more true now. Absolutely sick of our fans jumping on the back o…