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@ValkyrieOW That explains a lot lol
RT @videogamedeals: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Is Free to Stream via Amazon Prime Video (Prime Only). ht…
@NudeEskimo @ValkyrieOW away then
@ValkyrieOW @NudeEskimo She knows I hate mayo as much as she does, so she's trying to kill me
@NudeEskimo @ValkyrieOW Calling your bluff cause you wouldnt be caught dead holding mayo.
@ValkyrieOW @NudeEskimo No! I will be including the other two steps.
1. Buy a durian 2. Cut durian the fuck up 3. Video reaction to eating durian 4. Throw it away or something
RT @resurrectiongoj: New official Russian poster for @GodzillaMovie! #GodzillaMovie 📸: @The_LordOfSalem
RT @RachaelAtWork: Do you draw them by hand or with a computer?
@tawny_darko Nah, smoke would keep me from waking up, at which point im dead already. No point in worrying then,…
@discordapp And what I mean by this: - Remove that message entirely. - Give us a blocked user list. Double thanks.
@discordapp If I block someone on discord I dont ever want to see "blocked message" again. Please and thank you.
When you play the waiting game on an auction and your bid wins it.
@tawny_darko Dont have time for any of that. Im fast asleep.