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RT @_Zeets: Night King listening to Pod singing before coming in to murder everyone https://t.co/wcijkKXZad
RT @gifdsports: Berry Tramel walking into the press conference room to ask Russell Westbrook a question https://t.co/7I20A4uxNz
Alright twitter see you tomorrow watching Blazers-Thunder before thrones
Future All Star Aaron Gordon showing out
RT @NekiasNBA: Mr. Krabs is in there! https://t.co/mzwEjN2nsY
@_Zeets Doing the lords work
RT @_Zeets: God, this moron is insufferable https://t.co/gL2QNqYmzG
Me when the Night King roll up and start murking everyone https://t.co/zIsNJlVTaI
RT @LessIsMoh: @KofieYeboah Margaery Tyrell when Cersei didn’t show up for her trial: https://t.co/gCMLfkIy8K
Only teams that should be allowed to do it are the Carolina and Miami Hurricanes https://t.co/rbmdlpSPuv
Ayeeeee the Pistons won't be the only team to get swept ayeeee
@suze301 Whattttt
Watching Game Of Thrones | 👀 | \ / ____| |_____ / ✊__/ \_✊ And rooting for the night king
@harrylylesjr TALK YO SHIT HARRY
RT @harrylylesjr: one of us has a career in writing, and the other doesn’t anymore lol https://t.co/7u0pVjQ4Lq
The cap on this app https://t.co/zUXqTYSOOK
RT @LSUgym: We’re just here for the replies... 🍿🍿🍿 https://t.co/ZTMsBmMFdC
RT @Cavsanada: Hey you posted the same picture twice https://t.co/PjtsqXS3Rp
RT @TylerIAm: Happy Easter. Donovan Mitchell has 64 points on 64 shots during the first three games of the postseason (33/30/46 shooting sp…
J. Cole just be chillin in his city man I love it https://t.co/HWP1diFQJx