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RT @sgoast: @LUNARSIGNALS "gamer" is bullshit marketing speak designed to simplify people's interests into an identity so that they'll be e…
RT @erikskog_: Ah nice only like half the moveset done and you can already do a bunch of nonsense https://t.co/WZWZ3MwAYb
RT @JuiceTwoWavie: He really didn’t have to flex on us this hard https://t.co/344IkIZbmJ
RT @Diddy: Fuck nudes. Send me your playlist.
RT @ItsMeMarwa: I’ve been on tiktok for the last hour wth is this ??? 😂😂 https://t.co/RKzrv90qYd
RT @CastinqSpeIIs: happybvalentimes day https://t.co/9HL7YjUe4d
RT @fagsIut: nobody: hannah montana transition sounds: https://t.co/jLgmHzobFk
He got no business lookin like that. https://t.co/I0GuG6gTvg
RT @lilsasquatch66: No one: White guy who doesn’t know if he remembered his wallet: https://t.co/NF6wo1Dpzw
RT @vsshole: yall niggas always say " i want a girl wit some meat on her" but get mad that i got a dick? Beggars cant be choosers Lol? 😭😭
RT @moreTylenol: *runs out of shaving cream* my balls: https://t.co/oQoIT36asS
RT @javorus_moore: the lady after getting her shit mixed up on the dance floor https://t.co/UmkaYbGIlb
RT @javorus_moore: literally no one: Jamaicans at clubs: https://t.co/hQHCkeJdag
RT @Larsinz: We need more streamers like Poki, just sayin' https://t.co/SRriZWMdqZ
RT @wrthion: 15) her expressions get me every fckin time https://t.co/3qpeal5UhX
RT @smitcantread: small mammals after the dinosaurs got wiped out https://t.co/oVeAp5oaJs
RT @FizzySodaWave: I legit cannot stop laughing https://t.co/Gf5G425kx3