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@Temperrr It sounds like your water pumb and belt on your car is broken
RT @Vezph: Valor trying to pick up girls https://t.co/lPYQhf0l0b
RT @Teeqo: Retweet if #FaZeUp Today is the day 👊🏼
@FaZeClan Hole shit your montage was amazing
@Adam_LZ https://t.co/va7qEhIROs this will record you screens or game if you would like it to and its free
Did I really split that again?!!: https://t.co/xHWyXJWCdS via @YouTube
how many kill did i get: https://t.co/7eTHhHvTWQ via @YouTube
@zoieburgher get a country guy they treat you right
@zoieburgher 3 out of 4 for me dame
RT @zoieburgher: Fave this if you think I'd find you attractive. I'm gonna lurk your profile. If you get a follow you know what to do 👀
@zoieburgher ill be your bae
@Adam_LZ 240 again
i hit a collateral 6 on screan: https://t.co/In0Wj7pqsE via @YouTube
RT @RedRavee: Retweet or else...
@RomanAtwood your dog is mans best friend to you
@Glowz trickshot is life
RT @SneakerAccess: @SneakerAccess If this tweet gets 1000 RT's we'll restock more slots. 🔐