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I liked a @YouTube video Chris Paul is a quitter says Bill Plaschke, should Lakers still pursue Paul George? |
I liked a @YouTube video Brook Lopez Interviews With Lakers Nation
RT @PalmerReport: NSA Director Mike Rogers complains to Congress about Donald Trump
RT @swirlOsquirrel: Go back & read the thread. I didn't imply Liberals did it, others did. I pointed out that was presumption. @Pyronius1 @
He could do something dangerous before they could get him out of office.
by the day to the point where it will be impossible for anyone, even Ivanka to handle him.
My worry is that his mental degradation is reaching a point where he is losing that thinly veiled grip he had on re…
RT @tedlieu: Why does @realDonaldTrump act like he is beholden to Putin? Ignoring cyber attacks against US is dereliction of duty https://t…
Well you deserve it more than the Idiot In Chief.
RT @RVAwonk: BOOM --> Senate Intel Cmte reached agreement to get Comey memos
RT @oppstn: Rally at the Capitol to protect our care with @PPact
RT @CharlesPPierce: Even if Trumpcare fails, they'll blame Democrats
RT @cdelbrocco: We don't accept your apology: Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones apologizes for role in fake 'Pizzagate' story
RT @Evan_McMullin: Real leaders don't use state power to threaten the free press. This is America!
I'm pretty sure they've sunk beneath the basement and are nearing the earth's core right about now.
RT @SheWhoVotes: Louise is saying Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid are Russian agents and she's doxing kids. How exactly does that help us get ri…
RT @Impeach_D_Trump: Just in case You Were Interesting.... Fox News Was Attacking Barack Obama For Using Dijon Mustard At This Point In Hi…
RT @tribelaw: Amb.@RNicholasBurns rightly calls out @POTUS for dereliction of duty as Commander in Chief for his inaction re Russ cyberatta…
RT @JoyAnnReid: They want us all to live like red states do.
RT @ASlavitt: Obamacare vs. Trumpcare: The same Obamacare policy under Trumpcare costs 74% more.