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Hurst decided to rip up something that only needed tinkering, and he has sent out on loan better quality that he ha… https://t.co/CIp4oCTfrC
RT @OfficialKP180: Its all down to you fella im afraid https://t.co/NIAH0GU2Ui
@ElderGrizzly When he came into that squad, they stopped conceding stupid goals, and they began attacking better as… https://t.co/3n9MGKyVHf
@_KieranBleaz More fight there than on the pitch
@Martyn1988 But it's alright, 25% of our strike force is sitting on the bench at Forest Green Rovers, and a midfiel… https://t.co/7ghW6KIGbN
@_KieranBleaz Section 6 - two people carted out, an argument with a steward, and two people threatening to fight. Best action of the game
@mrmountain235 @icedoutomnitrix @dubstep4dads I'm southern and have never said that in my life
@abs_rufc 1 win in 14 and we are still using a keeper that couldn't catch Ebola instead of a Polish international d… https://t.co/hfgNyjCq8W
@abs_rufc Starting to now, especially playing three centre halves and a right back on the left with a fit left back… https://t.co/WPelmlljrt
@abs_rufc Have you seen the table?
@abs_rufc Can we have him?
@ElderGrizzly Get in Steve Bruce. We would soon stop conceding silly goals
So rigid. This is shambolic. Nsiala and Chalobah against shit. Ward no better. And Freddie is up front by himself again. Wake up ffs Hurst
@icedoutomnitrix @dubstep4dads Who the fuck says ma'am in England?
RT @MattBC_: Americans be sexting like “are you a school because I want to shoot a load of kids inside of you” https://t.co/KRTx5vHFfB
RT @Southy2402: Anyone remember when Yorkie promoted themselves as, not for girls? And no one cared. And girls bought them anyway. I miss t…
RT @piersmorgan: In the unlikely event that any of Robinson’s supporters can read, I urge them to read this & understand why their hero’s c…