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RT @RealJamesWoods: My father fought in the #KoreanWar. Brutal, cold, lifeless hellhole. Not much has changed. https://t.co/eqA3wyFm8G
RT @johncardillo: We haven't seen their pics anywhere near enough. @CapitolPolice heroes David Bailey and Crystal Griner. https://t.co/aYiD
RT @FoxNews: On "Justice," @SebGorka compared @POTUS44's "strategic patience" vis-à-vis Otto Warmbier to @POTUS's desire to get him back. h…
RT @FoxNews: Report: Pro-@HillaryClinton Group Behind Russian Dossier on @POTUS https://t.co/oUj7OC8AG7 https://t.co/OAUdV0SPtR
RT @LindaSuhler: Wonder where Iran got that money? Hint: OBAMA https://t.co/N9BRwrAPdo
RT @RealJamesWoods: #Democrats destroy another beautiful state... #Illinois https://t.co/JmY3ul7BWG
RT @seanhannity: Why was Obama "colluding" with Putin? https://t.co/4TMpPa1XHr
RT @BreitbartNews: Ramadan's over for this year. Here's our tally of all the violence during Islam's holiest month: https://t.co/QdGiB1OLNp
RT @seanhannity: Phil wanted the Benghazi liar, the email destroyer, & clinton foundation gets millions when she allows 20% of USA uranium…
RT @LindaSuhler: A good time to mention Hillary Clinton's REAL link to Russia...#RussianHacking She transferred our uranium to Putin...FOR…
RT @seanhannity: Yes. They lied, cheated, colluded, fixed and rigged a primary. Finally! And if @JulianAssange says NOT Russia, maybe hones…
RT @VP: .@POTUS & I will not rest and we will not relent until we repeal and replace Obamacare. https://t.co/DakrpLfC1Q
RT @StephGrisham45: Great evening at @WhiteHouse with @POTUS & @FLOTUS hosting another bipartisan event! 🇺🇸#PicnicInThePark https://t.co/oW
RT @FoxNews: Spicer says Trump's remarks about possible Comey tapes brought out the truth https://t.co/C2YflelNIw via @MediaBuzzFNC
RT @kelliekelly23: Did you see the way the news covered this @un_diverted https://t.co/nBkpqAZ67S