Liam67M (@Liam67M)

@VictoriaCFC @Fact Na fuck Portugal, no interested in their
@VictoriaCFC @Fact Portugal tho and my sister was asking for u BTW to challenge her
Absolutely in love wae Alice in Luther BTW
@marko_cfc Love her mate
RT @Fact: According to a survey, men can listen to their male friends for ages, but he can only listen to his girlfriend or wife for six mi…
@natalied1888 🤣🤣🤣🤣
RT @Football_SCOT: The @glasvegas frontman tells us about his lifelong love of @CelticFC, who he pretended to be when he was a wean and how…
@georgiaaawhat I'd have literally loved to have seen this
Cannot believe Ashley Cole is still kicking a ball, what a player in his prime tho
@georgiaaawhat The fact her bf stood there, he'd have been mortified
@georgiaaawhat Brass kneck man, she obviously got balls
@georgiaaawhat Fuck having 2 a u
Struggle to get that in January
@AndyRitchie12 Aye Andy, well trying to get into it, it's quite creepy
@Sweeney86celtic Horrible eh, that night shift fucks ye, eating, diet and sleep
Been on the road for an hour now, eyes like dugs balls, surly there's easier ways tae make money than go pouring concrete
@Nimsay1872 Up there with Luther mate