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@Nimsay1872 @RampantRyanJack Murty has the best record as manager in recent years, the cunt u have in charge is onl…
@DoireCelt @peterdickson06 I want brendan Rodgers back anaw..... 🤣🤣🤣
@DoireCelt @peterdickson06 I want brendan Rodgers back anaw..... 🤣🤣🤣
My life in a nutshell
RT @joshrfrd: Detective Kevin Halligen (now dead from suspected foul play) and his partner Henri Elton were responsible for two e-fit witne…
RT @GrahamSpiers: Neil Lennon later explained his exuberant celebration at Dens Park: 1. He felt total relief: a 96th minute winner 2. He d…
RT @MartyMac_1888: Tokyo's St Patrick's parade, spot the Irish man 😂😂
RT @Daily_Record: 'Hearts are s****' Nurses shocked by Hibs fan's first words in FOUR months after stroke
RT @scotsunsport: Hibs fan’s first words in four months after suffering severe stroke were ‘Hearts are s**t’ https…
RT @StillGameReacts: What part of Ireland are you from? Springburn.
@marc_ohara @madbhoab Jonny Hayes stood out
Glorious monkey tears are in full flow
Jonny Hayes was Celtic's best player today
Why no go 3 at the back, sooner a new manager comes in the better
This is absolutely brutal viewing
Jonny Hayes coming on hahaha this is why he'll no get the job
Get bayo on
Why we so bad a corners