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@labradorrose But I thought she did a DNA test to prove it when Trump was calling her Pocahontas all the time? It w…
@labradorrose I hope that it was one of those situations where having no idea how you did means that you actually did really well.
@regdns @Miss_Close @matthaldane @jamescdwyer Try growing up in Waverley then get back to me!
@regdns @Miss_Close @matthaldane @jamescdwyer Well, actually, you’re Dartmouth, not practically Waverley. You need…
@neilhimself @ChuckWendig Now, a librarian would’ve known to hold the book so your audience could see the pictures!…
RT @greeneggs_: My sister’s dog saw her using a string to play with the kittens so now he uses it to play with them 😭😭
RT @BBCEarth: “We are running out of time, but there is still hope” - David Attenborough #EarthDay
@Ketchum_All Not here. They just get chocolate in this house. Bunny doesn’t bring presents.
@sassypants81 One on one? Probably not. As part of a group? Probably.
@whichwitch143 @hpstrawberries @flakypickle Oh this sounds like a dream to me!
@whichwitch143 @hpstrawberries @flakypickle The number of times I’ve had to say “just sit still and watch the movie”!
@andrewsowired @Eco_Yogini What’s the ,,,,,,,, thing anyway? I have no idea why people do that, it’s just wrong!
@brianlarter @bealangi You probably had it as a kid and didn’t notice. It can be really mild.
@ihearthestia Your daughter has too much going on to deal with even more shit.
@girrl_friday Mine either.
@stshipstarthere @Geequinox OMG! It’s a baby teddy bear!
@brianlarter @bealangi If you got it as a kid, which most people do, you don’t get it as an adult. But if you misse…