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RT @CATKINS989: "The lawsuit claims one woman was sexually assaulted by the Uber driver on July 22, 2017 - and the other claims Lane assaul…
RT @lyoshki: London Uber driver who lay in wait outside popular bars to pick up and rape drunken women is jailed for 12 years
@BenBMurph @7NewsBrisbane Most Directors of Qld Public Service are Mexican Labor Party Member mascarading as Profes…
RT @BenBMurph: @Limobizqld @7NewsBrisbane He was a Palaszczuk Government appointment, also worked for Kevin Rudd briefly previously
RT @RideSafeQLD: Why it's so important to have a standardised rideshare safety guide. Ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers! @
RT @taxi_leaks: Mike Brown's TfLTPH And The Mayor Give Uber 1,000 Strikes And Your Out With 14 Months To Go.
RT @taxi_leaks: Uber Rival Ola has hired the former Chief Operating Officer of Google Europe to run its UK operation
RT @PandM4012: Currently in QLD (Australia) there is an 'Inquiry into Wage Theft'. Submissions were called for and many were received. Sub…
RT @tom_1_3_: Does anyone believe that @TfL and @metpoliceuk are in control of London's roads? #lawlessLondon
@JulianBurnside Very white of you!
RT @lennythepen: This headline exemplifies the state of our politicians today. They have to be educated that bringing brasses into the Hou…
@eliistender10 @Loud_Lass Idiot scum
@KristineHubbard 30 taxis to 1 uber
RT @KristineHubbard: History repeats itself: “...cities began capping taxis in the 1930s, and many that tried deregulating the industry in…
@7NewsMelbourne Easy - crime!
@simms_landon Punches like a girl