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@roofthatpeach Oh man, that's awful.
@ANG1671 The thing is, they don't give them a real education. Especiallu not for one-and-dones like Zion. He gets n…
@BlakeMurphyODC This is why we subscribe!
Oh my god, I can't wait to read this.
Good morning to everyone but not to people who support the NCAA's exploitation of college athletes
@jz141 That's a great point, it goes both ways and they shouldn't just blame it all on the players. There's no loyalty on either side.
@jz141 Yeah for sure, the franchises aren't loyal to the players at all. That's why players don't really feel like…
@RaptorsNation9 He's on UNC! He was playing last night. Just didn't end up being a star like everyone thought
@jennag98 Hey the Raptors need a backup power forward, where can I contact your agent
@theLob_Shade Lol the hype was crazy at the time
@jiggy_lo So true, he was so young though
@chicco_n @Hoopmixtape Lol it's still incredible, wild that he was only 14 when he was doing that stuff
@JustESBaraheni The crowds in his mixtape look like they really believe he's the next LeBron, by the way they react…
I'm old enough to remember when Seventh Woods was the top-ranked eighth grade basketball player in America
This piece on Lowry, by @mikebosports, was great (as expected). Full of interesting numbers and GIFs. This one of L…
@NadavAmar This, after I've been pro-Nuggets all season? Smh Jk, it's all good