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@guyverhofstadt @jeremycorbyn @Europarl_EN Funny his brother wants us to leave with no deal on the 29th March #Brexit
RT @Arnold_off: I really wish I disagree with @sajidjavid but it would be a profound disrespect for people who lost their life and for thei…
@Arnold_off Has to be a patriotic British party and none are listed.
RT @Piers_Corbyn: The #greenparty and all #Remain and #PeoplesVote LOL should be utterly ashamed they have anything to do with these #sept
RT @Lordbrexit: @matthewtoomer Totally agree Matt some of the LBGT parades are bordering on pornographic and forcing this agenda on childre…
@guyverhofstadt You are the back of the line Britain is the front #Brexit
@eucopresident The EU is worse than hell can't wait for Brexit and to go to heaven.
RT @smartnotstupid: Page Discussion Should MP’s that brazenly lie to get elected be subject to prosecution on the grounds of deception an…
@LowTaxChloe EU supporters lack common sense. #brexit
@sonyxperiagb has anybody else had a problem with their phone bending due to heat from charging, Sony appear to bla… https://t.co/6tjGkXSLFq
@YNWA__1965 @SkyNewsBreak Stop talking tripe. Goodbye
RT @LeaveEUOfficial: "Planes will keep on flying. There are good contingency plans in place. We keep trade going even as we leave the EU" s…
@SkyNewsBreak No deal is no issue. But they can always keep current trade deal until a deal is agreed. However we… https://t.co/c3eWvcC3oH
RT @deltahigh39: Petition: Ban all ISIS members from returning to UK https://t.co/SE2OiOmjyY