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AKAI SOLO logotype design ideas. >>SWIPE FOR TIMELAPSE. If you need a logo designed, drop me a DM 👍 #rap #Hiphophttps://t.co/gW74mIGnY9
RT @nowthisnews: Kids, don’t try to pass your next history test with these ‘facts’ https://t.co/A9lToIoaLP
RT @MrAndrewCotter: Looking forward to working with these two again soon. It hasn't always been easy. https://t.co/rb6oItsh9W
RT @perlmutations: Cannot believe this needs saying again... Breonna Taylor’s murderers are Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankinson and Myles C…
RT @JoshuaPotash: DC police are now doing this every night when they think the cameras are gone. Trashing food and medical supplies, hitti…
RT @Aiannucci: There’s a huge economic case for financially supporting the Creative Industries. They put more revenue into our GDP than Car…
You can name this one 🤷‍♂️🤪 #drawing #illustration #digitalart @procreate >>SWIPE FOR TIMELAPSE @ Amsterdam, Nether… https://t.co/1kJFZxhV2K
2020 SUMMER SOUNDTRACK!!! 🕺🏽💃🏻👯‍♂️☀️🎉 https://t.co/NgV0ZXoz2d
Two great films released on the same day in 1982! Crazy #BladeRunner #TheThing here are my alt posters 🖍 🎉 https://t.co/4vtMUs43Xz