MansurShaheen (@MansurShaheen)

@MsQueen03 @OhNoSheTwitnt judging by your bitmoji youre a white person. we don’t need more white people telling poc…
beware of white liberals who are trying to tell you that not liking the mass incarceration of black and hispanic pe…
RT @tammigaw: Zion Williamson, with no work comp coverage, gets a potential injury from a busted shoe coming from a big time shoe deal from…
darren rovell has the worst account on this app and he’s proving why tonight
RT @sacketology: *college kid gets possibly severe injury* Market department: oh hell yeah
i decided to watch college basketball tonight only because of zion williamson and i got to see him for 30 seconds
syracuse is playing their usual dumb zone and louisville isn’t doing anything except passing the ball back and fort…
college basketball would be so much better if the players were actually good at basketball
@rozzybox this is basically the somehow more self-righteous version of “i don’t see color”
@franksbetter cookie takes almost as bad as the football takes
RT @LeVeonBell: Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty I am free at last 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
my dominoes order has been in quality check for 15 minutes now the hell are they checking for?
RT @bykevinclark: It will never stop being funny that the last-ever time the Steelers had Roethlisberger, Bell and Brown--three of the best…
i’m gonna take it a step further marlon mack > leveon bell
@PFF bear down for all the mentions telling you that he’s technically still a rookie