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Ofcom are minded to accept Global's request for bespoke regions in the South, East and West, but have opened a cons…
Post-Brexit, the food shortage will mean all Krispy Kremes are delivered by armed guards.
@JamesCridland @radioriley @samuelbailey @RadioMikeHill You're more than welcome to set up a stereo radio station.…
Chris Evans TV marketing kicks in on Friday and the first week will be 'a week worth of Friday shows':
@neilsloan It wouldn't work very well without it!
Cute! How many presenters would be happy to where branded T-Shirts?
There are two types of people. Those who, when listening to @takethat's Back for Good sing along to the main lyrics…
@ShanePearce Unlikely. If it's on Virgin he'll be on the main Virgin.
RT @carlosradioguy: @matt @stuartclarkson Funny thing is Matt you can forget all this churn and these stars .... yesterday my children saw…
@carlosradioguy @stuartclarkson Excellent! The power of a Ronseal name!
@stevemilton @ruddick Across the day it's 8% to 12%.
@stevemilton @ruddick At 8am, it's about 7%.
Zoe's 1st breakfast show, Boris on LBC, Steve Coogan as a Capital guest, Radio X stunt rebrand to Radio Grohl, Simo…
This is a really great list for anyone on the radio.
@producerjacob This was fun! If only life was full of jump cuts.
Good piece from @adamsherwin10 on breakfast radio in @theipaper. I've managed to stick my oar in too: