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@instagram I too am one of the afflicted, having lost 25K insta followers. Pray for us.
Preparing for the tackle.
Just saw the hashtag #joemazello on Instagram... Three Thousand Five Hundred And Thirty Six posts... of my name spe…
And though it's been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas.
@FFHitman @jasonffl @andyholloway SOS. My WRs are a mess for the championship. Thielen, Mike Williams, Foster, Jord…
Is there anything more awkward than going to text somebody 'Happy Birthday' only to realize the last time you texte…
@aehappily One of my brother's other teams did so I put it in the script! Thank you for watching!!
I feel lied to. It’s never for science.
How is it in 2018 that we can put 5000 songs on a watch but if your voicemail fills up with 20 messages your phone explodes?
Gotten this question a lot.. It's spelled Deacy in the script. This was one of my favorite interviews I've done, though I was deeply pained to leave off G…
I've basically spent the last three days negging my core fanbase on instagram. I'm doing a really great job being a celebrity.
I once stopped seeing a girl because she told me she liked the Star Wars prequels better than the originals. DISQUALIFYING!
RT @DlewisDrew: Me when I see that #BohemianRhapsody is still in the theater even though I have seen it three times already. @MazzelloJoe h…
Note to self: always wear nice socks in Tokyo.
Hello Twitter. I've neglected you and I apologize. But I will be on @TheView today talking about Bohemian Rhapsody…
Every day is National "Eat Something That's Going To Make You Fat" Day
I just got honked at because I was waiting and letting a funeral procession go by. We've reached the end of civilization.
I officially have more instagram followers than twitter followers as of last week. Twitter, what happened to us?