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That's why Test Rugby is the greatest sporting occasion, what a final 20 minutes #bbcrugby #HURvBIL #LionsNZ2017
I just put my laptop on to sleep mode, I'm now insanely jealous of my laptop #MondayBlues
RT @BBCRadio2: "Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'" #Glastonbury2017 is Stayin' Alive with Barry Gibb! Watch live:
So Corbyn didn't visit soldiers on armed forces day. He also hasn't spent last few years freezing their pay + giving them inferior equipment
I don't think anyone has ever made the maracas and the tambourine look so threatening @liamgallagher #Glastonbury2017
Radiohead at #Glastonbury2017 'Idioteque' and 'There There' just took me to another place. Epic music, one of the greatest bands of all time
What's that coming over the hill? Is it Itoje? Is it Itoje? #bbcrugby
As Rafiki said to Mufasa at the start of the Lion King "it is time". Come on you Lions! #bbcrugby #LionsNZ2017
Going to miss Blofeld; he's a soundtrack to summer; great analysis to ramblings on pigeons. Looking forward to his 'best of' #bbcsportsday
Hmmmmm, it's not quite as catchy as Simba put it Prince Harry says no royal wants to be king or queen -
This perfectly sums up how the DUP will react when tea and coffee is served at Downing St. Harry Enfield - Ulsterman
This Lions bench devalues the shirt, I honestly believe the best England 15 would have a better chance Saturday vs the All Blacks #bbcrugby
If anyone wants me I'll be spending the rest of the day in the cold meats section in Sainsbury's #heatwaveuk
Kristian Dacey and Cory Hill? Players that don't start for their clubs.There are far better players on tour in Argentina, Hartley? #bbcrugby
@dannylane94 If you think I have an opinion on the solos of the "1D boys" as you call them then you don't know me a…
Just heard Harry Styles 'Sign of the Times', I legit thought it was an 80s power ballad on Heart FM but I was told "no, it's brilliant" 😒
@Mr_Brookes04 He's as qualified as The Rock or Micky Rourke to be in that ring so in boxing opponents terms he's a…