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@boumerie Wow javais une prof stagiaire comme ça aussi qui avait clairement un gros complexe d'infériorité envers l…
RT @Otter_News: Steve breaks something important and runs away.
RT @chynafromindy: notre dame: *is on fire* ppl with photos of them abroad in paris:
We lost our smoll boy this weekend... He was the best. Please give some extra love to your pets from me tonight ❤️…
@Gusbuckets Your fans are cool people because you are a cool
@RealYungCripp @abelinasabrina @Gusbuckets Wow that is some good reflexes I would be dead
@abelinasabrina @Gusbuckets I want Gus on my team if there is ever a Zombie apocalypse
@orlysaurus Yaaaaaas I want fall vibes all year long
@danblackroyd It was not during a movie but a show, the nut cracker from Les grands ballets canadien (quite a big d…
RT @ClayKaytis: Couldn't resist adding the audio... #thelionking
RT @AJ_peace_: This video is worth 25 seconds of your time and you'll smile too. How many Likes for this Superstar ❤️
@GenevieveFT On dirait une espèce de créature des fonds marins profonds
I love this channel
@Pioldes Night in the woods !
@CNBC ok so every year they got a 17 300$ left just in case? after three vacations? Its the bare minimum who doesnt have that huh! 💁‍♀️
RT @BernieSanders: Love will conquer hate.