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RT @PopCrave: Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson have reportedly broken up because he cheated again, TMZ and multiple other outlets report…
RT @BBTA_NORMAN4: All friends bump heads but real friends bounce back so if we ain’t bounce back our friendship was never real 💯
Do you ever see somebody & you wanna say Hi but your not sure if its them so you just dont say hi?? Bcuz thats me
I hate being sick. Im in my lecture class & I saw something funny on twitter & I do like a little chuckle & out com…
RT @irenelove08: Praying for no more snow 🤞
Sooo funny 😂😂😂😭😂
RT @CRomero3: I don’t support snitching but I ain’t doing no jail time for niggas that supposed to be my people. Niggas that pistol whipped…
RT @TalibKweli: RT if you had your first drink before 21.
@Donnylaflare Let’s see what @Karinahrndzzz has planned out for us huh donny 😫
RT @_prietoana: @aalyahm13 @SRT4LUIS Close your eyes then
@lorely_lopezzzz @_prietoana My rising sign is pisces
@lorely_lopezzzz @_prietoana I am a pisces fyi
But lets not forget virgo szn is where its at tho 🙊
Its pisces szn so happy
RT @havvx7: I take friendships and relationships so serious. I will literally do anything for you without hesitation if you do right by me.
@JamilaShafer_20 happy birthday hottie 😘