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RT @bitterarab: Liberal feminists are worried about armpit hair and not the fact that Gal Gadot supports the occupation of Palestine and th…
RT @TheOnlyToffy: Why am I still watching Quantico? It is actually proper rubbish... I'm better off watching Emmerdale
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RT @Sporf: BRILLIANT: When @AFCAjax players walked their mothers onto the pitch for #MothersDay. 😇👏
White privilege
@sheikhnaheed @Shelzzy92 yeah inaugural and eternal winner until further notice Lool
@MiddleEarth_ @JustSayeed yeah I know, I have about 5 different passwords that are spread out. Plus everything has…
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@JustSayeed @MiddleEarth_ its not about remembering passwords, i know all of mine. its about extra security for banking+ files etc
Just watched :@LifeMovie it was great!
@JustSayeed @MiddleEarth_ just worried about security of banking details etc
@MiddleEarth_ I'm going to go through every file/folder/password thoroughly. My security set-up has been awful
@MiddleEarth_ bloody hell looks like im going to remove everything from LastPass. I've got so much stuff in the cloud. Will need to revamp!
White privilege
Totally forgot clock would go forward. Saw it at 4.30am thinking rahh wtf time flew by!
@sheikhnaheed @MiddleEarth_ oh OK. I was thinking of using LastPass instead of Google but it's too much hassle. But…
@sheikhnaheed @MiddleEarth_ Do you guys use a password manager? How safe is Google's Smart Lock?
twitter is a cruel place