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RT @guardian_sport: Manchester United’s record revenue unseats #RealMadrid at top of rich list. @ed_aarons #MUFC
Spent around £60 in two weeks just on tfl. Plus delays, cancellations and strikes. Londoners are just getting screw…
Do Utd need to buy a defender?
What's happening with the scrapping of eu roaming charges.
What kinda person refuses to move their buggy for a wheelchair you scumbag
@smrasweetooth my old boss used to re-write everything that wasn't crossed-out onto a new list for the next day; his desk was just lists!
Please do the world a favour, leave a legacy of justice by pardoning @Snowden
I think this under-represents value of immigration;should've record the nationalities of workers' parents. Many 2nd…
What an absolute beast of a meal. Brioche and Urban Choc. 😇😰
Is it okay that @ee customer service advisor pretended to cancel an Add-On + I had to go through the whole process again to do it? Useless😑
RT @Carra23: I didn't tweet this so it looks like I've been hacked! Tweet could've been a lot worse!! But if any Chinese club wants to give…
Out of Free Trade, Customs Union, Immigration borders. Just like the good old days. At least we get to change our passport colour
@Villanova4rmDa8 Dont stab your wife she might become my patient ;)
After months of telling us that the Government wants the best deal so can't reveal its plans, we find out we're in total shit.
RT @BBCBreaking: Brexit plan: - exit single market - leave European Court of Justice - immigration control - parliament vote https…
Vladimir Putin humiliates BBC Reporter John Simpson loool massacre
Theresa May announcing the UK will leave the single market.