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RT @FootyMemes: Scholes face when Gerrard says he hasn't won the league. 😂
RT @ItsHUSKY: Watching Apprentice is soooooo cringe seeing these lot be absolutely stoooopid
RT @AJV1Beta: Seeing lots of tweets about #UniversalCredit today. I've been on it eight months. It's been emotional and financial hell.…
Brooklyn Nine Nine Halloween ep
@_luxillefay legend!
@__Hashim123 lool it was weird
RT @KevKombi: " your parents beat you? That's abuse, report them to child services" First of all your mum doesn't season your chicken, tha…
Ripley & Scuff sing R.I.P. to the L.E.Y.
"Its unfair to judge a president on his first 300 days".
Imagine Newcastle do a City and end up competing for the title in 5 years. Could happen. Just need rich owners.
RT @Francesc_ahhh: @UKurbanite @KTHopkins And I have a masters degree in Chemistry. What's that got to do with it?
RT @UKurbanite: @Francesc_ahhh @KTHopkins Lead in petrol came in the form of an organic compound - Tetraethyllead. The claim was factually…
Lool Survivors Remorse cast DJ Khaled as a doctor 😂
Still haven't stopped missing SwiftKey on Android. Shit like this would never happen.
atrium, 8pm, ATM, mercedes benz
Watford 2-1 Arsenal | We've Run Out Of Paper For The Cracks! (DT Rant)