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It’s fine. I'm fine. Everything. Is. Fine.
RT @theopebrand: Alright midwesterners, there’s only one name for this... what’s this called? RT: walking taco Fav: taco in a bag https://…
RT @amanda_c_rae: Getting ready for a girls night out is the best... Blasting throwbacks, having (pre) pre drinks, doing your hair and make…
RT @rachhollenbeck: happy 4/20 to creed and creed ONLY
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
RT @BryceThereal: Only in Texas *WATCH TIL THE END*
RT @TakeCarePT2: when you finally have enough battery percentage to roll over on the other side of the bed >>>
RT @itsregn: Remember when I said my chicken was snoring? Here’s proof
RT @mbozeman24: when your friends say "let's have a pool day" but they just wanna lay out the whole time and no one will watch you do a han…
RT @AndrewChamings: no one talks about jesus’s step-brother brayden who turned water into smirnoff ice and was crucified on a jetski
RT @jenniml3: if this doesn’t make you want to have lil baseball babies then idk what does
RT @frecksmcgeee: tell me he didn’t hit that 😂
Does anyone else’s knees hurt really bad after a long car ride?
RT @Nick_LGrant: The packaging is so luxe 💎 Thank you! @JeffreeStar #MagicStar
RT @RidiculousDak: Sometimes I get sad but then I remember this video exists
RT @alezander: cows are just big grass puppies
Yeah, heartbreak hurts and all but have you ever been denied on iMessage Games??
RT @BrotherNature: Reunited with Canela 😂💕
RT @noputa3: Recycled material being made into clothing/jewelry/shoes is fucking cool. This is a trend we need to dick ride.
RT @lizzsix7: If you’re having a bad’s a video of an Alpaca.