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That Woman Waters👿 so Needs help ,she's pathetic Shes the Democrat That forgets what she's saying lol looks like a Dummy Auntie (Gag) 👿
@JJDJ1187 Worse Embarrassing Pres.Ever ! HE ALLOWED all Illeagals to come & go in & Out of USA It's LIKE We Have Swinging Doors Thanks to O
@America_1st_ @CommonSense1212 They all need to Uncover THIER face & need To Get Out of London👉 Horrible What ISIS Is Getting Away With !
@gwbehn @surfermom77 @JohnTDolan He Acts Like a IDIOT Spoiled by YOUR BUDDY OBAMA 👉Both Are A Disgraced 2 USA &Both R Failures To The People
@surfermom77 @glennwa1 @SenSchumer @SenateMajLdr The Devil Schumer👹 Will Do Anything He's a Liar Proves he's worthless not to Want Gorsuch
RT @6bird4: "these people need to frankly go to jail for what they've done" #TheHammer #ObamaGate #DeepState
@JJDJ1187 A Man That Wants Law N ORDER =DJT A MAN That Wants Peace =DJT A MAN That Calls Out MSM=DJT A Man That is For The Constitution =DJT
@JJDJ1187 The People Finally Got What We All Wanted A Man That Loves our Country =DJT A Man We Can Trust =DJT A Man That Loves USA= DJT
RT @therealcornett: President Trump was right again and #Fakenews channel CNN is furious! RETWEET To congratulate our President! #wiretappi
RT @RealJack: RETWEET if you're ready to #BuildTheWall and enforce the law. #RockvilleRape
RT @The_Trump_Train: RETWEET if you approve of the actions & policy decisions President Trump has made so far in his presidency! #MakeAmeri
@BasedVet That's Because they Want Children to Use As a Shield SO DISGRACEFUL!
@NewssTrump Maybe in Your Country Idiot Keep It There ! ISLAM IS A CULT & We Do Not Respect U Murders Read Your Koran As We Read The BIBLE 🙏
@BasedVet That's AWFUL Everyone Seems to be Going NUTS 😞
@GaetaSusan @Patriot_Drew Sad They Get Away With Everything & Still Above The LAW ! When is it going to STOP ?
@NewssTrump Shes a Doll Baby Precious 🤗 People Need To Stop Attacking Children What is this World coming to ? DISGUSTING