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RT @inalonelyplace_: @eponawest this looks absolutely amazing!!! and i don't even like seafood
RT @Wesley_Barton: @eponawest Just realized I'm hungry
RT @eponawest: @Tweet_Chef roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, parm, basil and balsamic. turmeric crust
RT @Tweet_Chef: @eponawest whats in the galette
RT @Miso_Bitch: @eponawest That's what a perfect spread looks like.
RT @fracturedpane: @eponawest damn that looks stellar
RT @eponawest: @_caremonger_ spicy/smoky fried okra and roasted chickpeas. it’s like a snack mix.
RT @_caremonger_: @eponawest what is in the red pot in the second picture, that looks good as fuck
RT @thucydiplease: @eponawest Omg this looks amazing that fish + octopus!!!
RT @eponawest: @scohnes @SourBeerBabe Yes yeah okay you right
RT @scohnes: @eponawest @SourBeerBabe I'm sorry but I feel like that makes it even spookier
RT @eponawest: @SourBeerBabe it helps that their eyes go one color when cooked for sure
RT @SourBeerBabe: @eponawest The point is not maybe so much about “skill” as “being able to be stared at by the fish”
RT @eponawest: @SourBeerBabe It’s a branzino! They’re super easy because like you don’t do anything except put the fish on the grill and ma…
RT @SourBeerBabe: @eponawest Mellie that’s a whole ass fish. Incredible respect for people who can cook the whole fish.
RT @eponawest: Next time I am 100% piping on the yogurt
RT @eponawest: • lemon rosemary branzino • olive oil octopus • grilled clams on a fennel and capers salad • fried okra and roasted garbanzo…
RT @eponawest: made some food for family and friends
RT @eponawest: made some food for family and friends