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@apollick717 Oh u act like you never cheated on a test
@apollick717 Oh u act like you never cheated on a test
RT @CauseWereGuys: That mini jog you gotta do😂
RT @xforcades4: i appreciate honesty so much. i take being lied to so personally because there’s no reason to lie to me. i’m understanding.…
RT @LewisHattonn: The British version of ‘I could’ve dropped my croissant’
RT @1FranklinSaint: Let me bless the TL right quick with this gem 😂😂😂😂😂
RT @JoseTXKicker: You just opened a deep memory that I thought it didn’t exist
Rich Piana’s pre workout
RT @jessegmolina: So it snowed at work today... and my Coworker has never seen snow in his life and it’s the most innocent thing ever. http…
Gets 4 hours of sleep I’m wide awake. Gets 8 hours of sleep I’m super tired. The human body is weird .
RT @ImThatGentleman: “are you okay?” me: “no, but it’s okay.”
RT @1Hakz_: I isolate myself when I go through shit
RT @itskelsiem: When someone asks me “how’s it goin” and I say “it’s goin” this is what I mean
RT @CupRho: Attention CUP students! We need your help! We are hosting a Dining to Donate event to benefit the B+ foundation! This foundatio…
RT @_SJPeace_: This little boy in the wheelchair is Wyatt. He wanted to jump on a trampoline and TNT in North Dakota didn't say he can't…
RT @kwilli1046: This little guy gets glasses and can see clearly for the very first time. His reaction...❤❤❤