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OMG Shane killed her mother. Christine was so close to her mom. This is an absolute tragedy. Shane can go to hell. #ObsessionDarkDesires
Christine's mom needs to be afraid of Shane. I don't even know him and I am afraid of him FFS! #ObsessionDarkDesires
He is completely out of control. He just full on punched her in front of a crowd of people, including children. #ObsessionDarkDesires
Damn. They knew he was so dangerous that the cops were waiting for him! #ObsessionDarkDesires
My God. Her face looks like she's been in a massive car wreck. #ObsessionDarkDesires
He just said "cry bitch". It's past time to leave, Christine. #ObsessionDarkDesires
He is trying to drown her in the bathtub, 14 minutes into the show? WTF? This is no way to live. #ObsessionDarkDesires
Well, does he want her to cook or not? Ridiculous. #ObsessionDarkDesires
"London is Obama on steroids" - OMG. #Tucker
ONE THIRD! That's A LOT. #Tucker
Jack R. Smith and Rockville are not a good combination! #Tucker
Cristobal won't answer the damn question!! Annoying liberal. #Tucker
'Sanctuary City Showdown'? LOL. #Tucker
OMG Clips from 2 funny movies that I like - The Pink Panther and A Christmas Story. #WattersWorld #oreillyfactor
@kicknback123 Agreed. I visited Austin a while back and I was surprised by the people there. They want to "keep Austin weird". It's working!
I don't want just the hard core criminal illegals out of our country, I want ALL the illegal aliens out! #oreillyfactor
Can somebody wake me when this gets interesting? 😴 #oreillyfactor