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@RobSmithJr @seanhannity Yikes! Being compared to Norman Bates is never good. #ChelseaManning
@AmpedArmy LOL, that gif is quite the find.
@akconservative9 Uh oh. I hope your appointment goes okay.
@2whltrvlr LOL. Why fight it, right?
Lady Gaga is not exactly known for following the rules. I will highly likely change the channel when it's time for her to 'perform' #Hannity
Ok, but I thought she pronounced her name oh-marosa, not ah-marosa, @seanhannity. I'm confused again. #Hannity
@akconservative9 I see. Well, ONLY okay thing about Manning being released early is that tax payers won't have to pay for THAT surgery.
@akconservative9 Ha! I am confused by Manning. He or she? Currently in a male or female prison?
Ha! @seanhannity keeps referring to #ChelseaManning as "he". I'm still confused about what happened to Bradley, lol. #Hannity
Obama's hair color may have changed over the past 8 years, but his arrogant, preaching manner of speaking has not changed. #Hannity
Enough! Too much air time for @LindseyGrahamSC #Tucker
#HuffingtonPost mouthpiece #AlexMohajer right now on #Tucker 🙄🙄🙄🙄
"Too big for your britches" - now THAT'S old school, lol. #oreillyfactor
I think I used the wrong account to reference Dennis Miller, oops. #oreillyfactor
This DisruptJ20 activist looks like a lunatic. I am actually concerned for Trump and the good Americans attending the Inaug #oreillyfactor
So is Obama's action on #ChelseaManning his final FINAL middle finger to America, or should we expect some more? #oreillyfactor #FoxNews
LOL Bill. Sounds like a book title Obama would choose for himself "why I am the greatest president ever", only in #fiction #oreillyfactor
#FWFFries I have to go with McDonald's, but as a major fan of french fries in general, I am willing to give any french fry a chance. 🍟 🙋