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That is so annoying. The liberals act like #illegalalien children are the only kids that cry and get upset. Come on! #WattersWorld
@chasin_dwight LOL I don't know what he sees in her!
@chasin_dwight Don't know. I was wondering too. Lisa Page looks like a mess!
RT @TimRunsHisMouth: When will Red Hen be closing for a day for diversity training?
RT @Cory_1077: He thinks it’s his ‘big brother’ #dogs #horses 🐕🐴❤️
RT @Sunshine_Times: When it's bring your dog to work day, but you're a K-9 unit.
RT @JudicialWatch: BREAKING: JW released new IRS notes revealing Senator John McCain’s former staff director & chief counsel for Senate Hom…
RT @ChuckRossDC: So the Tom Arnold news cycle was as fake as the TIME cover
RT @TwitchyTeam: WATCH: After lying to NBC News about Michael Cohen earlier, Tom Arnold tells more lies to CNN
RT @guypbenson: DNC Deputy Chairman wears t-shirt that reads, “I don’t believe in borders.”
RT @DailyCaller: The media has gotten pretty much everything wrong about this photo. This is what they aren't telling you.
RT @newtgingrich: .@TIME showed us once again why so many Americans no longer trust the news media. People are sick of the nonstop dishones…
RT @AnnCoulter: It's all a scam: Migrant Mother and ‘Crying Girl’ on TIME Cover Separated Herself from Husband With Good Job, 3 Other Kids,…
A marijuana Pop-Tart 🤔 I never thought I would hear that. #Tucker
Well . . . I meant to say that was awesome when this guy comes in drinking from a Chick-Fil-A cup. ✌️ @ChickfilA is…
Wow. That guy #DonnyDeutsch went even further than Hillary did with his public opinion that ALL Trump supporters ar…
Ha! @TuckerCarlson said let me blow your mind by telling you the answer - to this damn democrat. #Tucker