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So proud of my talented daughter Jess Clark! If you want to know more about better mental health in these most cha… https://t.co/CEmgwV0vBD
@Hopkins_Alison @anotherfineme13 @TheWetFishCafe @womensaid Sorry, I wasn’t trying to defend anyone - just trying t… https://t.co/TqO4TW8Auh
@anotherfineme13 @TheWetFishCafe @womensaid DV = Domestic Violence. That’s obvs a v bad thing. Thank u for clarifyi… https://t.co/HkSeaeJI9q
@anotherfineme13 @TheWetFishCafe Sorry but I don’t think I’ve told 17 women that they shouldn’t be easily offended.… https://t.co/vhnItgIWkv
@TheWetFishCafe Street art is v much a moveable feast. It was tiptop art while it lasted. Tick Box Charlies Rul… https://t.co/CE15k5pNhq
@TheWetFishCafe Wish I could be there but duty (of wine) calls in Bordeaux! 🍷😋
@LauraHolland Bit of a boring film. Unpopular opinion!
@TheWetFishCafe Oh no! Hope you’ll be OK. Arm looks painful. Any CCTV nearby? Maybe a neighbouring shop?
@AlexJayBrady @IanDunt And red, white and rosé wine and sparkling wine and desert wine and erm.. port. But besides those..
RT @matthaig1: In 120 countries face masks are compulsory. The evidence overwhelmingly states that if everyone wears a mask transmission ra…
@WELBooks Mind you, @ozclarke’s brilliant Wine Atlas slipped under the radar so a partial win for the #BookResistence..
@WELBooks Humph.. before having THE kids, one had a wonderful bookshelf in’t living room with erm.. just books on..… https://t.co/m5aGAMvZDB
@nicktolhurst Starting with the £10 billion track and trace app that doesn’t work.. 🤬
@TheWetFishCafe Oh no! The (West End Lane) World’s gone mad. Happy to donate four back to ya from @WineNot90583564’… https://t.co/flBqQIA9IN
RT @VillageVoice1: As Oriel Place sits in limbo, these before and after pictures don’t bode well for ‘after’. Meanwhile, ‘during’ seems to…
@PonceDuVin @WELBooks Oops wrong wine not twitter handle thingy.. This is our little local tasting club.. Oops wr… https://t.co/JUCEn4gTj1
@PonceDuVin @WELBooks Hurrah! The very bijou Cellar Clarkos is indeed based at @winenot?! HQ. And is in WHR. Will P… https://t.co/x0KPDcCODt
@WELBooks Any chance you can flick my signed copy of @PonceDuVin’s #FiringBlancs my way with one of them?! Even be… https://t.co/01TUOX9aQM
@Terri_White @WELBooks Hurrah! What’s the subject? Is it WHO GINKFUC DAM. Asking for an unusual.