Nxghtshxd (@Nxghtshxd)

@im_notevilyouar "Alright," he said, kissing his temple
@im_notevilyouar "Your LED is yellow."
@im_notevilyouar "You okay, Ree?"
@im_notevilyouar He hugged Remus close. He really enjoyed being affectionate
@im_notevilyouar "Gosh, you're so cute..."
@im_notevilyouar He smiled softly, kissing his head softly
@Logie_Bears "Well, kiss me, for starters," he smiled
@DeceitJanus "Let's put you to bed, then."
@im_notevilyouar "So, what do you want to do?"
@im_notevilyouar He kissed his head again
@im_notevilyouar "I'm so happy you're here."
@im_notevilyouar He smiled softly, hands cupping Remus's cheeks softly
@im_notevilyouar He smiled softly, leaning over to kiss Remus's head
@im_notevilyouar "I wouldn't trade you for anyone in the world."
@im_notevilyouar Virgil stood and went over to him and held out his hands for Remus to take
@im_notevilyouar He nodded
@im_notevilyouar Virgil's eyebrows furrowed slightly
@im_notevilyouar "Look up the meaning of love."
@im_notevilyouar "I'm pretty sure it's love," Virgil cut him off