Ottawa needs services for 2SLGBTIAQ+ survivors for sexual and domestic violence. Wisdom2Action created a report wit… https://t.co/uUW40Ohq9w
Le rapport de l’organisme Wisdom2Action renferme des recommandations utiles pour les initiatives à venir dans ce do… https://t.co/ytBK4AXsZI
@jbbartram_illu @gleegz Yup was gonna say compared to London England, Ottawa is a friendly capital!
RT @EFryOttawa: We're hiring Residential Relief Workers! Stop by our virtual job fair, next Monday. Sign up here: https://t.co/Of7JmUJA7q h…
RT @MadlyMee: The most devastating of stories. Police open fire in a car with a child in it. Child dies of gunshot wound. Wtf https://t.co/
@okaymarnie @shesrideordie @GirlhoodStudies also def need to be tagging @HollabackOttawa about this! You've been doing this for years!
RT @Sharon_Okeno: Being honest, I've been very nervous + excited about this article in the QuakeLab Method series. Trauma mining is somethi…
@okaymarnie @shesrideordie @GirlhoodStudies This is like activist skills set on the dial at 11!
The opportunity to sexually exploit women and gender diverse people has increased as income and affordable housing… https://t.co/2GjrrJZgL6
L’augmentation de la précarité, notamment la difficulté d’avoir accès à un logement abordable, contribue à favorise… https://t.co/sBueCioSUd
RT @kierandelamont: new thing from me at @VICENews: i got a tip that uOttawa was hiring private security contractors to videotape striking…
RT @GRANadvocates: A Victoria GRAN's recent Op Ed: ‘Orange the World’: End violence against women and girls https://t.co/DqZi1Ki1xj
RT @shaaminiwhy: A suspended Ottawa police officer died by suicide yesterday https://t.co/IhnWVvpVGM #ottnews
RT @ajustcommunity: Although Canada is slightly removed from the tension of the recent US election, the simple skills of mediation outlined…
@Fred_Langlois_ @RAINN @UN_Women Thanks for local resources you can check out our page: https://t.co/mBpRTQoluP
RT @rjjago: This is an interesting follow - someone currently in prison, tweeting from a secret phone: https://t.co/olrljCDOdk
RT @BuildupwomenS: We are excited to share that #Buildupwomen Series has been selected as one of #Canada’s Top 100 #Recovery Projects by @f
RT @MRCSSI_PubEd: Each of us have personal reasons why we care about taking action to end gender-based violence. Throughout #16daysofactiv