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RT @deep3da: Y'all have Marcus Smart being "about that life" confused with being a man with serious anger/maturity issues.
I thought Kasich would be the #gop nominee >RT @roscoeTperkins: In watching #FaceTheNation I'm (cont) https://t.co/7kAwI0U2N6
One of the most ignorant statements by a President RT @brjzn: #FaceTheNation Hey Rethugs, blame (cont) https://t.co/RS85m3HuUG
RT @CalculusKing_ck: Fox didn't fire Ailes and O'Reilly because they harassed women, they were fired simply because we found out. https://…
I don't drink so when I'm at a club or a bar I buy bottled water or soda. If I buy a soda it's really a cup of ice only a little soda
26 miles is a lot of riding > RT @SoapinTrucker: @Ol_Marcus Wow!!!!! I once rode my bicycle 26 (cont) https://t.co/M0BSECfvzT
@SoapinTrucker When I had a regular job sometimes after work I'd ride 20-25 miles one way but age has gotten to me now.
Left family get together on Thanksgiving to drive 360 miles back home > RT @MrJonCee: What's the (cont) https://t.co/C8OdqP1yUe
Rode my bicycle 22 miles in 2 hours 10 minutes
RT @SamTioMusic: Playing a few songs to test out the live feed on here. https://t.co/cZsr2wu0Mg
RT @SamTioMusic: This might just be the most badass performance I've ever seen. #SturgillSimpson #SNL https://t.co/wqRlBVcqH3
The voices said "quit your job?" > RT @PurposlyAnointd: There are jobs that God has (cont) https://t.co/ydPq0fMZqa
Dude I'm doing laundry so I'd have to say NO. (LOL) > RT @Sanityreturn2us: @Ol_Marcus Are we having fun yet?
RT @tylerdialmusic: Follow me on @Spotify and listen to my Debut Album here! Let me know what your favorite song is! https://t.co/Dyp3cd60X7
Brad Paisley told us this > RT @Sanityreturn2us: Um,er, WAIT! Is he saying I COULD have been (cont) https://t.co/EbEsTMxy1p
RT @Sanityreturn2us: Um,er, WAIT! Is he saying I COULD have been lying this entire time? Oh, FFS! RESET I'm 28,tall,handsome,really rich, 1…
#WhyTwitterIsBetterThanRL On Twitter people can fake how good they have it. In real life you are seen unfiltered.
RT @thor_benson: @SF2CntralValley @julsiejen No, a racist in the White House will. People who say stuff like this just don't want to deal w…
I can't get enough of it! > RT @ProRoadTriping: @Ol_Marcus It's over rated lol
I heard that > RT @SindyNformi: @Ol_Marcus Everything that is tea is drinkable for me.