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RT @jfreewright: Trumpcare was never about the well-being of Americans. It was about trying in vain to erase Barack Obama from the history…
RT @pubman51: I agree with Ted Koppel, these talk show pundits (Hannity) are pushing ideology to the detriment of all Americans. Our enemy…
@happymeal67037 I never thought about that way!
@happymeal67037 Man I have never been to a drive in. I guess I should try it
People falling for this lie > RT @TEN_GOP: This is big! Hillary Clinton covered up child (cont) https://t.co/NzVsnY1v7I
#Dothan,Al has 2 regular movie theatres & 1 drive-in. The regular theatres are owned by the same group & are showing the same movies. #FAIL
RT @MoniseLSeward: The man who knows everything didn't know about Clark? Lolz Ok. https://t.co/iRz0XfYz9D
#Preach! >RT @AImas8706: @DonCheadle @stephenasmith yes. Clarke is not respectable or honorable. (cont) https://t.co/F3jnhw0dbV
RT @featherplus68: @DonCheadle Sheriff Clark is a horrible excuse for a law enforcement officer.
RT @RareBeautyGems: @paparoach And then you feel better, because you aren't him?
#Preach! > RT @g8r1521: @deray I don't understand his supporters who adapt to his lies so effortlessly. It's a cult.
RT @MattFTeach: @deray this whole presidency is a farce. It was an exercise for Americans to see if stupid could be fixed. This office can'…
RT @Tweetypot: @deray It is a sad commentary since he is our so-called president. Sadder still, Trumpkins and many Republicans accept it as…
RT @pmweisser: @deray @gobluegirl96 In the normal world, if someone lies continuously to you, you stop listening to them. It's that simple.
RT @MissConnieToYou: @Ol_Marcus @Lewisgd OR, was it the obligatory text of "What's up big head?" Bahawaaaaaaa #PaulRyanDoucheBagOfAllDouche
#Bwaahahaha! > RT @Lewisgd: John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi just sent Paul Ryan: "Sup 😎?" Text
RT @TeaPainUSA: #ThatAwkwardMoment when your "smoking gun" evidence against Obama is recordings of you committin' treason with Russia opera…
RT @nonsensehiphop: Real question...if gender and race are both social constructs, why is Kaitlin Jenner brave and Rachel Dolezal wrong?
@MissAmbeur_ Maybe you're right but I don't think you fit into this slim category.
@MissAmbeur_ Maybe you're right but I don't think you fit into this slim category.