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It's so silly that I can't tell if it's real or fake > RT @kansasogre02: @Ol_Marcus I still don't understand what it is
RT @_swordinkton: There's a Trump joke in there somewhere #TheyHiredMeAnyway
RT @NowaySteve: I stormed out of the interview yelling I don't need this job anyways... they called my bluff and ... #TheyHiredMeAnyway
I really hope people are just on Twitter to kill time with this #StrandedBae nonsense!
Fake person telling a false story RT @sweetatertot2: Trump made $$millions selling Russia 20% of US (cont) https://t.co/f8StbdI6ZP
When will people stop telling this lie? > RT @RapinBill: Flynn Calls Russia and Resigns. Hillary (cont) https://t.co/86DHVaC7uk
RT @KeilaKirk: Hahaha. Love this RT @antoniodelotero: everytime she called her by the wrong name i screamed https://t.co/4OkWKLTSKp
RT @borussia095: #FakeAbeLincolnFacts Shortly after Jefferson Davis was named President of the Confederacy, Abe tweeted #NotMyPresident
RT @pwshoeguy: #fakeabelincolnfacts Wikileaks just released the REAL Gettysburg Address and it was 5 score and 7years ago,not the lies our…
RT @StephanieMilli3: #FakeAbeLincolnFacts He had a band called Lincoln Park
RT @SkilledNapper: He'd often use a penny or a five dollar bill as ID at bars. #FakeAbeLincolnFacts
I saw video evidence that he was! > RT @T_oKool: He's not a vampire hunter!!! #FakeAbeLincolnFacts https://t.co/iKnKzZlHoT
All this time I thought that was Johnny? > RT @lil_Rudy60: #FakeAbeLincolnFacts Beat the Devil (cont) https://t.co/dEITSwYohO
Just kidding!> RT @Ol_Marcus: #Tucson,Arizona mayor was carjacking at gunpoint. Where was @gonzotrucker at that time?
#Tucson,Arizona mayor was carjacking at gunpoint. Where was @gonzotrucker at that time?
Have to admit that I don't see the problem > RT @happymeal67037: Well the Scurvy is awake...no more news...cartoons it is
RT @JDWalker_Law: Are Liberals Helping Trump? No, its gerrymandered districts, voter suppression efforts, and an ignorant and apathetic pop…
RT @BettieBoop77: #ThingsThatMakeMeGoHmm why twitter replaced the favorite with the like.
RT @amywestervelt: These "hard working Americans" are never too busy for a rally. perhaps it's Trump not Soros paying protesters #ThingsTha
Pictures? > RT @MoniseLSeward: When I say I've been bald before....I cut off all my hair & (cont) https://t.co/tYSi2okMg6