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RT @TheCenteredEgg: Let's just say tRump cancelled the North Korea Summit meeting instead of pulling out ... better imagery.
Actuslly that was the #gop's appalling strategy against Obama > RT @CoreyLMJones: It’s (cont) https://t.co/3LFrlqIA5r
Thinking > RT @CleavageCrumbs: People that sext on Facebook messenger are the same sort who would have sex on your… https://t.co/MiVKJqTAfS
Groupies? > RT @JT12536534: #PodcastsIWouldListenTo Bands from the 70s and 80s what touring was like and playing i… https://t.co/VEf0p40lLs
Where do you get the energy?! > RT @ProRoadTriping: Well they A D D is in full effect while waiting to load. Full i… https://t.co/k4Aqa4GjSt
What was so bad about the movie? > RT @AbiSalama: God I wish I never watched #SoloStarWars What a piece of crap. Fuck you #KathleenKennedy
RT @davidlfear: It just occurred to me, after two weeks of discussing it, dissecting it, hearing complaints and compliments about it, ranki…
RT @ProRoadTriping: Always one guy who can’t park ware you need to be. Just drive right to the office and block the through traffic https:/…
RT @Superbokka: #BadLifeHackIdeas Freeze a tube of toothpaste and cut into wafer thin slices for a cheaper alternative to After Eight Mints…
I was scared. It's a totally different view the first time driving > RT @TruckersReport: Last question: Q6: What wa… https://t.co/aBXfpG627G
The need to exercise daily > RT @TruckersReport: Q4: What have you learned in the last year of Trucking that you di… https://t.co/ESHegNuCoJ
#TruckersChat On i80 in Pennsylvania at night. The alternator went out in a snow storm. Other truckers shepherded u… https://t.co/dkx3VAP5M3
RT @twobigboysblog: #IfIOpenedABar it would be made by hershey and i would eat it
#Bwaahahaha! > RT @DondeGroovily: #IfIOpenedABar it would have strippers every night to help you remove old paint
Next Hollywood hit movie? > RT @tunaofthesky: #IfIOpenedABar'rel of monkeys I'd get them each their own typewriter
Any cover charge? > RT @lawllelujah: #IfIOpenedABar I'd love that bar.
LOL! That's ok my friend! After Hillary Clinton referred to hate mongers as deplorables you took that the wrong way… https://t.co/k360md6SHX
RT @Tufftruth: Harley-Davidson took its tax cut, closed a factory, and rewarded shareholders https://t.co/1El3rVEzxi AaaaaaHAHAHA! The @GOP
Sounds more like a right wing nonsense show starring Stacey Dash, James Woods, & Scott Baio >《RT @hokeisit: Retweet… https://t.co/kvVwljfOhc