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RT @maziehirono: The internment of nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans is no laughing matter, @SecretaryZinke. What you thought was a clever…
RT @alohawaia: I'm going to carry all these bags in one trip even if I break my arms to do it. #ThoughtsWhileGroceryShopping https://t.co/
#Bwaahahaha! > RT @notmyname02: Peeks in someone's cart, hmm, looks like an early death. #ThoughtsWhileGroceryShopping
@SoapinTrucker I have to get my 1975 Chevrolet Malibu restored. I would rather put $15,000 into it than buy a newer model car
RT @hample_ted: @CleavageCrumbs Pictures or it didn't happen!
The only honest person on #Twitter right now > RT @brittcavarra: i had Virginia winning the whole thing😭😭 #UMBC
Are you still sexually harassing women? > RT @BillOReilly: As predicted, FBI agent Andrew McCabe has just been fire… https://t.co/7P3THkOBfo
Aren't you an admitted felon? > RT @DineshDSouza: The more upset CNN and the media hounds are over the McCabe firin… https://t.co/CyY9BSMrPc
RT @Tufftruth: @Ol_Marcus Bruh! Bruh! Bruh! Dem fools? @TheDemocrats have had golden 💩given them from @GOP 4yrs & STILL haven't used it! Th…
@Tufftruth @TheDemocrats The importance of having good federal court judges
@Tufftruth @TheDemocrats Agreed! The party needs to stop with the knee jerk reactions. The stunt where the #gop rea… https://t.co/E3DSEU0kW2
RT @dmedin11: DeAndre Harris, a black man viciously beaten by white supremacists last August in a Charlottesville garage, was found not gui…
If they used good sense this video would be gold for the #Democrat party. https://t.co/XnLtIEepYj
It seems that people simply want everyone else to see them praying. I believe prayer and religious faith should be… https://t.co/z7tvoQDIFH
RT @Miriam2626: Only Fox News channel is available on tv! #SignsYoureInHell
RT @KevinWriteStuff: For my occasional complaining about Marvel movies, I've seen most of them in the cinema. They're never not value for m…
RT @Al_Goodhall: A little time off doesn't go a long way. #WorkingLife #Trucking
RT @politvidchannel: Jeff Flake is just like Trump He Votes With Trump Than PRETENDS TO BE DIFFERENT https://t.co/aoyluCtzqX
RT @Al_Goodhall: Okay all you commercial #truckdrivers out there. How many times in the last year have you received hands on #Training rega…
@Al_Goodhall Received about 10 minutes of training with the #ELD and told to call safety when we needed help. No tr… https://t.co/fgkq7OAWpU