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Oh what’s happening what’s this hehe https://t.co/dEIts0dhy1
Hehe secret’s out, fam. More and more people are witnessing WINNERxIC culture. 🤗💙 https://t.co/oKRYh2tCd9
RT @eibari: this concert restored my faith in kpop fandoms thanks winner/ICs 😭😭🙏
RT @eibari: it’s almost 2 am and i’m still thinking about yoon repeatedly grabbing the girl’s hand and not the other way around someone mak…
#lrt wow he did notice the typo. This man is so quick. #WINNERinDallas #YOON https://t.co/4ZCaV3iCy8
RT @bomsqualay: I noticed this too. There's actually a typo on the banner but as he was reading it he naturally corrected it. Yoon's Englis…
@msclosetfan Haha di ko pa natikman actually 😂 Alam ko lang na may quality control so mej mas malinis hehe
RT @oti_yodeb: Kang Seungyoon IS A MASTERPIECE. His vocals & charisma>>>> THEN HE SAYS “Bring me my guitar” #WINNERinDallas https://t.co/GF
RT @Untitled_VIP: @official_yoon_ Update fanboys stay winning ! I got Minos towel , he got Jinus water bottle and the other got interviewed…
@Untitled_VIP @official_yoon_ Congrats, mermen! 🙌🏼💙
RT @BabyBearLovesTy: Yoon really came to snatch US fans omg #WINNERinDallas https://t.co/iJ0tm5QMnn
RT @HighDeeKSY: This is Seungyoon when he's interviewing a fangirl. He's so sweet!! He held onto her hand the whole interview. And the way…
RT @ApplerConDrgn: The mind of this Maknae Leader! He's an old soul and a baby in a beautiful body!!! His wisdom is amazing!!! #YOON #WINN
@EXOANTl He an insanely responsible leader. An angel in real life. 💙 https://t.co/iVbxhrYKgV
@misimiii @EXOANTl Simiiiiiiiii! 🔥😭😍
This thread is doing things to me—and I’m a Yoon stan already. 😄 Girl, welcome to Kang Leader’s rabbit hole! 😍… https://t.co/fwWHQ5iVVd
My boy Yeo Jin Goo is all grown up 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/ZdNzKLiKPF